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Southeast / Re: Cape Fear Memorial Bridge
Last post by RoadPelican - Today at 01:12:58 PM
Quote from: The Ghostbuster on June 16, 2024, 10:47:34 AMI have read that the western terminus of the new bridge's roadway is/was to end at the Interstate 140/US 17 western interchange. Is this accurate? Even if it is, I doubt the 140 designation will be extended.

Yes, this was under a project called "Cape Fear Skyway" it would have extended the current I-140 that ends in Leland and take it around the southern edge of Leland and over the Cape Fear River and connect to Independence Blvd between Carolina Beach Road and River Road.

The project was canceled by NCDOT in 2019. Too expensive especially with all the right of way needed to be purchased on the Brunswick County side and too many other needed road projects in Wilmington.
Southeast / Re: Florida
Last post by RoadPelican - Today at 01:05:28 PM
Speaking of Interstate alternatives, going from Vero Beach to Orlando, I like to use SR 60 (4 lane-no traffic) 65 MPH to Yeehaw Junction and then instead of taking the turnpike get on US 441 North to Holopaw. This 35 mile stretch of US 441 is only 2 lanes, but very lighted traveled with a 60 MPH.

Then turn left on US 192 (4 lane-light traffic) 65 MPH. Only one traffic light between Holopaw and St. Cloud.

After that, your in the typical 6 lane traffic light infested boulevards of Suburban Orlando.
Pacific Southwest / Re: Central Freeway of US 101 ...
Last post by TheStranger - Today at 01:04:25 PM
Quote from: citrus on Today at 10:38:57 AM
Quote from: TheStranger on June 17, 2024, 09:15:00 PMThey are hoping that demolition of freeway = more developable area to create districts like the Embarcadero waterfront or Hayes Valley.

Yes, that's my read too - the intent is "if you tear down the structure, the neighborhood will become nicer".
It will be more difficult than Hayes Valley precisely because there isn't any extra land, other than maybe some ramps. The theory is more like: if the structure is gone, all of a sudden some of the less-utilized land will be built up (like the big parking lot in front of the US Chefs store, or some of the industrial / auto repair places, or the surface parking lot at Best Buy, I guess). That's probably true but also requires a better economic reality than we have right now.

I think immediately of that Target store in the area (maybe a block near that chef supply store and about four blocks from Best Buy) that replaced a Sports Authority...and lasted a year.

I point that out because that's not any different in this post-pandemic time from a neighborhood that has never had direct freeway access and historically (even before the Central Freeway was conceived) was much nicer, in Union Square (having high-profile break-ins in 2021, then slated to be losing its Macy's after 78 years, losing/having lost many other shops as well, and whatever replaced Crate and Barrel lasted a whole six months before iteslf shuttering). 

Another, closer example that may be more relevant is the Mission District south of the Central Freeway.  If any area can really highlight the economic disparities of SF, it would be that: Valencia Street's hipster boutiques (a bit more like Hayes Valley) parallel to Mission Street's run down storefronts save for the fancy New Mission Theater run by Alamo Drafthouse.   Mission Street's bus lane was not entirely celebrated by the locals when it became operational and it feels like in some ways, that has made that street feel a lot less busy than when Mission fully handled auto traffic.  The spots around the BART stations at 16th and 24th have been sketchy for decades.

Market Street northeast of the Central Freeway also can be another case study.  The area at the foot of the current freeway landing Octavia actually did get developed heavily over the last 20 years with restaurants and other things, with the former S&C Ford dealership southwest of there becoming a fancy Whole Foods Market.  Heading towards downtown, very much away from where the freeway once crossed...Mid-Market's issues after the theaters in that area economically collapsed (in part due to early 1970s BART construction, but also changing trends in movie watching) have never fully been assuaged even with Twitter's presence in the area starting ca. 2013 and empty storefronts also exist closer to what had been a decently thriving downtown core pre-pandemic; Ikea is the first business in recent memory to try to come in and see if they can make things better in that immediate vicinity.  Whole Foods gave up on their 8th/Market location after only a few months last year due to theft issues.

6th Street interestingly enough I would say is actually a lot more okay near I-280 than at its northernmost portion near Mid-Market/Tenderloin, the skid row part is at this point from about Howard to Market and not really all that much further south than Howard.

Quote from: citrus on Today at 10:38:57 AMWhen I chat with people in the neighborhood that have been around for a while, they all say that Hayes Valley used to feel the same way as the area around the Central Freeway today.

The interesting thing about this is that the articles I've read on the push to remove the north of Market portion of the Central Freeway brought up how the campaigns used the "the AADT is too much like a city street, no need for a freeway" argument for that segment.

With Hayes Valley's development since 2005, the northbound Central Freeway has become a lot less of a random shortcut to Fell Street, and much more significantly used as a direct gateway to those restaurants and stores!   IMO a lot of that sudden traffic is because of intentional zoing choices to upscale the area from Octavia to Hayes in the first place, as opposed to say having Octavia function like Park Presidio or Sunset boulevards (with very limited commercial development for blocks).  That type of traffic/development growth is very much what Dogpatch locals brought up in opposing Mayor Lee's plans to remove the north part of the 280 extension a few years ago.

Quote from: citrus on Today at 10:38:57 AMIMO the main negative impact of the freeway is: it's loud, dark, and attracts a certain degree of sketchiness / grossness, as well as aggressive behavior from drivers transitioning from freeway <> city (not slowing down fast enough, or just wanting to GTFO quickly). It's not as much of a physical barrier to connection as the street grid underneath is extremely porous, but walking along the road underneath is a drag. It would be amazing if there were a way to fix that while still having the freeway there. Walking along Octavia is not exactly amazing either, but it's significantly nicer than 13th St.

Absolutely can acknowledge the issues of that under-the-freeway area for sure (and one trying to access 101 from Duboce or Van Ness can see that on a regular basis).

I-80 nearby also has a lot of the same dynamic, particularly around 7th and 5th, though one huge difference is that the roads there (former US 40/50 along Bryant and Harrison) are parallel to 80, rather than directly underneath. 

Interestingly, some of the newest, more expensive condos and skyscrapers have grown up much much closer to I-80 near 1st Street, in part due to post-1980s height limits in the traditional north-of-Market Financial District, some of it due to the presence of Salesforce Tower in recent years.  There's also some modern cutting edge building projects on the southernmost part of the 101 routing along Van Ness, with a former Goodwill store at South Van Ness/Mission becoming a new residential tower, and some development in progress or proposed (albeit stalled) right at Market and Van Ness where a Walgreens once stood:

Quote from: citrus on Today at 10:38:57 AMThe main positive impact is: it's really convenient for me to zip down to the South Bay or East Bay. But a lack of freeway to the GG Bridge hasn't really stopped me from going up there (more frequently than the East Bay, in fact).

One thing for sure - if they do tear this down, there's going to be temporary personal disruption / noise! My window is pretty visible in one of Tom/Max's photos in this set.

Coming from the Peninsula, the traditional route to the Golden Gate Bridge is more 280-1 (19th Avenue) rather than staying on 101 due to how slow the Van Ness area can be.  I do enjoy staying on 101 a bit more for the urban scenery (and also it's en route to pick up a friend near the Marina).  Most of my Central Freeway usage specifically is heading towards Japantown, Cathedral Hill, or to the Inner Richmond.
Sports / Re: The USFL
Last post by triplemultiplex - Today at 12:57:25 PM
I watched a few minutes of the spring league here and there.  Each time I said out loud, "This should be a baseball game, dammit."
Southeast / Re: Interstate 73/74
Last post by RoadPelican - Today at 12:45:58 PM
Quote from: bob7374 on June 15, 2024, 12:03:59 AMLocal media report on NCDOT looking into causes for the increasing number of car accidents on I-40 in the I-74/Winston-Salem Northern Beltway interchange construction zone (plus good news about timeline for completion in 2026):

People forget that you the faster you drive the more distance you need to put between your car and the car in front of you.

I'm not surprised that crashes are increasing on this stretch of I-40. When this alignment of I-40 was built in the early 90's, it should have had 3 lanes each way instead of 2. (There is a project in the 2024-2033 STIP to widen, but it is for preliminary engineering only)

Plus, you have barrier walls that block the right shoulder in this construction zone along a highway that is over capacity.
Sports / Re: General NBA thread
Last post by Max Rockatansky - Today at 12:31:40 PM
I would be happy if my team was a low playoff seed and unexpectedly made the finals.
Sports / Re: General NBA thread
Last post by JayhawkCO - Today at 11:59:54 AM
Anytime there's a conspiracy theory about pro sports being rigged by the illuminati, I just skip the rest.
Sports / Re: General NBA thread
Last post by CoreySamson - Today at 11:56:41 AM
NBA Finals appearance = going nowhere? I'm a bit confused.
Traffic Control / Re: Guess the speed limit chal...
Last post by CoreySamson - Today at 11:49:48 AM
It is not 30. It also does not really matter that the license plate is blurred.

Sports / Re: General NBA thread
Last post by jgb191 - Today at 11:37:12 AM
The Dallas Mavericks need to return to rebuilding mode. The Kyrie experiment has been a utter failure as we all just witnessed.  Why the Mavs even traded for him (let alone extend his contract) made no logical sense.  Trade Luka to an actual title contender like Denver.  The Mavs are my second-favorite NBA team, even so I hate to see Luka waste his prime years staying with a club going nowhere.  I repeat the Mavs are nowhere near title contention.  Get a stack of draft picks by trading Luka. 

And I agree this was no reasonable Finals matchup.  If it had been Denver, the Finals would still not be over yet.  The Nuggets are the best team in the NBA as clearly demonstrated a year ago.  Why the NBA chose to pick Dallas to be in the Finals is puzzling (and yes I believe the Mavs were elected by the NBA to come out of the West).  My best guess is that the league really wanted to see an 18th banner hung over Boston that they gave the Celtics the easiest opponent to beat.  It would be like the NFL setting up Atlanta Falcons to face the Chiefs in the Super Bowl for the easy title.  Had the league let the players battle it out, the Nuggets would easily have come out of the West.

But still credit to the Celtics for winning, Brad Stevens is proving himself to be a brilliant manager and he could be the next Jerry West building something special there.  But I wish to see Luka and Nikola team up together in Denver and form their own empire (like the 1960's Celtics, '80s/'00s Lakers, '90s Bulls, and the '10s Warriors), bringing Denver several more championships.

And one more thing, the Finals could have been saved if the Celtics had put in just enough effort to battle the Mavs in Game Four in a dramatic climatic finish down to the wire than just handing the game over.  As soon as Game Four started everybody knew how it was it going to end like it did.

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