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Is California the only state that uses them on all of it's freeways? I personally love those little bumps on the lanes, they really do help most of the time when you're driving in low visibility and they do just look really nice on the highways and freeways. I just don't understand why other states don't use them as much.

Texas uses them on stretches under construction, that I know of. (Many a day, I had to deal with the jarring noise of them on the West Loop.) They also used to be used on long bridges in Louisiana (in fact, many are still present on the Causeway to this day).

I'm guessing that since I'm not sure what they are, Virginia doesn't use them...

flattened hemispheres, about 4 inches in diameter and one inch high, glued to, or bolted into, the road surface.  they provide sudden tactile feedback when driven over, which help cut down on accidents caused by distracted, fatigued, or drunk drivers.'_dots

(known colloquially, at least here in California, as "drunk dots")

Ahhh... We use those around here between the yellow lines when approaching a stop sign sometimes, and on sharp 90-degree curves. Between highway lanes we just have the simple reflectors embedded in the pavement as on every road, and rumble strips on the outside edges and on share left turn lanes.


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