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ACCESS Oklahoma

Started by rte66man, February 22, 2022, 12:13:44 PM

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Quote from: US75A on October 07, 2023, 10:55:11 PM
The only way that the I-240/SH 152 makes any sense is if the powers that be are planning for the Kilpatrick Turnpike to eventually extend south from the current end - there was talk of another extension running south (running east of Mustang) to connect with an upgraded SH 4 to complete an continuous expressway/turnpike from the Kilpatrick Tpk to the H.E. Bailey Spur near Bridge Creek.

I looked at the "Access Oklahoma" website tonight and noticed the schematic for the "South Extension" - which departs SH 152 east of Council and runs along the west side of the Will Rogers Airport and connects to I-44 south of 144th - maybe they're actually planning on designating this "I-344" when it is constructed.   It would then make sense for I-240 to end at I-344....if extending the I-240 designation over SH 152 makes any sense to begin with. 


Yeah, I mentioned the Tri-City Connector earlier. Indeed it would be more logical for an I-240 extension to end at the Tri-City Connector interchange with Airport Road. The only bad thing is such an extension of I-240 would be pretty short. It would just be two exits for Meridian Ave and MacArthur Blvd and then it ends at the next interchange. Of course, the split between Airport Road and the Kilpatrick Turnpike extension is just one exit farther.

I think if they can't sign I-240 all the way over to I-40 then why bother extending the designation at all? It's just going to confuse motorists. 

The Ghostbuster

Could it be possible that Interstate 240 was proposed for OK 152, and Interstate 344 was proposed for the John Kilpatrick Turnpike because one has to exit the present-day Airport Road Freeway to access the JKT? That may be Oklahoma's reasoning for giving the freeway and the tollway two different Interstate designations. I still think both roads should have only one designation, but I also think it is a valid hypothesis.


The more valid hypothesis is that whoever came up with that idea was smoking too much legal reef. Or, more likely, huffing too much Lysol.

Plutonic Panda

First project from the program to get underway soon. Reconstruction and widening of I-44 near Bristow.


That'll take care of about 6 miles of the work. Another 60 miles to go after that.

Plutonic Panda

The website has been updated and shows the focus of the Turner Turnpike expansion and the east to west connector from I-35 to I-44.

QuoteThe first ACCESS Oklahoma long-range plan construction project will begin in February 2024 to widen the I-44/Turner Turnpike to six lanes between Heyburn and Bristow in Creek County. Additionally, preliminary engineering activities are resuming this month for initial priority projects in the 15-year long-range plan.

ACCESS Oklahoma will update Oklahoma's turnpike system with new interchange access points to communities, widen existing turnpikes, update bridges and pavement and add three new routes in the Oklahoma City metro area to complete the Outer Loop and provide an I-35 reliever route.

This long-range plan has always been about motorist safety. OTA's mission is to help facilitate traffic throughout the state by seamlessly connecting with the state highway system, thereby providing a choice for a safe, convenient, and efficient user-funded transportation network. OTA's goal is to provide safe infrastructure while maintaining the lowest toll rate for our customers.

The Turner turnpike project will also add an interchange at Route 66 NE of Bristow. Also lays out a plan for the upcoming phases but with no timeline:

QuoteFirst priority projects resumed preconstruction design activities:
- T-26001: Widening- I-35 Extending East to Hiwassee Road Including Post Road Interchange = Benham
- T-26002: Widening- East of Hiwassee Road Extending East to Kickapoo Turnpike = Cowan
- T-26004: Widening- 5.0 Miles East of Kickapoo Turnpike Extending East to Wellston Including SH-102 Interchange = Olsson
- T-26606: Widening- West of Chandler Extending East Including Chandler Interchange = CPY
- T-26011: Widening- East of Depew Interchange Extending East Including Bristow Interchange = CPY

East to west connector

QuoteFirst priority projects resumed preconstruction design activities:
- EWC- 28001: New Alignment - I-44 / East-West Connector Interchange = MacArthur
- EWC- 28002: New Alignment - Bridge over the South Canadian River = MacArthur
- EWC- 28003: New Alignment- Western Avenue Interchange Extending East to I-35 = TEIM
- EWC- 28004: New Alignment- I-35 Interchange = TEIM
- EWC- 28005: New Alignment- I-35 Interchange Extending East 4.5 Miles = MKEC

NOTE: Remaining EWC projects east of EWC-28005 are not in first priority and remain inactive

Kilpatrick Turnpike widening:

QuoteFirst priority projects resumed preconstruction design activities.
- JKT- 30003: Widening- 1/2 section South of County Line Road NorthEast Includes County Line Road Interchange = CEC
- JKT- 30005: Widening- Eastern Avenue Extending East to I-35 Interchange = TAG


First project gets green light:


The new I-44 interchange with OK-66 Northeast of Bristow will (hopefully) remedy the weird at-grade gated access point currently there. I've seen one or both gates left open at least a couple times driving past that point. I wonder if any "civilians" driving through the open gates to get on or off the turnpike (presumably to avoid a toll) would get hit with a violation anyway.


Quote from: Bobby5280 on February 09, 2024, 04:35:37 PM
The new I-44 interchange with OK-66 Northeast of Bristow will (hopefully) remedy the weird at-grade gated access point currently there. I've seen one or both gates left open at least a couple times driving past that point. I wonder if any "civilians" driving through the open gates to get on or off the turnpike (presumably to avoid a toll) would get hit with a violation anyway.

AUG 2019 GSV:  wide open
FEB 2023 GSV:  half open (current view, link may change in the future)

FEB 2016 GSV:  wide open
SEP 2019 GSV:  wide open
AUG 2022 GSV:  half open
APR 2023 GSV:  wide open (current view, link may change in the future)
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Haha! Isn't that a trip!? The idea the open gates have been caught on camera so often by Google Car passes prove the open gates must be a very common situation.

Edit: here's another view from N3770 Road. "Well come right on in! The door's open!",-96.2969367,3a,75y,300.3h,84.81t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sW5Z5BAmQAAGYH5d5uoj78g!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192!5m1!1e4?authuser=0&entry=ttu

Anyone viewing the StreetView links, be sure to click on the "+/-" controls to zoom into the Google Car-cam photos to get a better view of those open gates.

Another really funny thing: there are NO SIGNS telling anyone they can't enter or exit the highway at that point. No "Authorized Vehicles Only" signs are posted. There aren't any "Strictly Enforced" signs like those posted in the Jersey barrier gaps along the main lanes of the turnpikes. Really, if someone wanted to be a smart-ass in court, he could mount a credible defense for getting off the turnpike in that location: "Well, your Honor, the gate was wide open and there weren't any signs saying I couldn't leave the turnpike there. If anything, I need a refund for the part of the turnpike I didn't use!"

Plutonic Panda

I may or may not have used these one time. Not to bypass a toll.


Quote from: Bobby5280 on February 09, 2024, 04:35:37 PM
The new I-44 interchange with OK-66 Northeast of Bristow will (hopefully) remedy the weird at-grade gated access point currently there.
That is a standard feature on turnpike roadways with exits far distances apart. It allows emergency vehicles access to the turnpike if needed.

Although, they're usually closed...


I know those at-grade turns Northeast of Bristow are supposed to be used only by emergency service vehicles (as well as road maintenance vehicles). But those turns are not signed at all that way.

Also, those at-grade turns are pretty unique. They're paved completely from the Interstate to the connecting roads nearby. Elsewhere on I-44 there are improvised dirt and gravel roads making direct contact with the I-44 main lanes. Usually gates are closed at those points too.

As the ACCESS Oklahoma effort adds a bunch of new exits to I-44 next to none of those dirt/gravel at-grade turns will be necessary.


Check out the US-301 toll bypass (full control of access 65 mph freeway) in Delaware. Sort of same setup, has paved access points, and the gate was actually open on one of the Street Views. Still interesting nonetheless, why the gates are staying open.

Plutonic Panda

I just noticed they updated the map too, and included active projects and those in design.


A couple days ago I had noticed the Tri-City Connector was listed as being in the design phase. Hopefully this means the OTA is considering the Tri-City Connector a greater near-term priority.

I haven't seen much news lately about the Tri-City Connector. As far as I can tell the various lawsuits attempting to stop or delay the project have been dismissed. If the OTA isn't already doing so, they need to be at work acquiring ROW along Indian Hills Road. The sparsely developed areas between Norman and Moore are certain to get filled in with new housing subdivisions and businesses.

If the OTA can get the new frontage roads for Indian Hills Road established it could be a launching pad for a lot of new commercial growth. The Kilpatrick Turnpike has a lot of commercial stuff built next it between Broadway Extension and Hefner Parkway. The land near the I-44 interchange might be a good location for something big.

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Groundbreaking on the first ACCESS Oklahoma project! Turner Turnpike (I-44) Widening east of Bristow
-Jay Seaburg

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