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The state legislature, as analysts indicated would happen failed to override the vetoing of the 80 MPH bill, so no increased speed limits coming to BD interstates.


--- Quote from: TheHighwayMan394 on March 30, 2023, 05:59:49 PM ---Governor Burgum has vetoed the 80 MPH bill. Guess it's up to see how much appetite the legislature may have to override.

He added on the original ND House passage for 80 MPH did not have a veto-proof majority, so it's probably not good on that front.

--- End quote ---
Hey, I support his veto of one of those 2 bills. Not the 80 mph one though, he should have signed that one...

Great Lakes Roads:

It's back!

"The House voted on and passed an amended version of Senate Bill 2168 which deals with speeding violations, the use of safety belts, and traffic fines and penalties. Governor Doug Burgum vetoed a bill last month that would have increased the speed limit to 80 mph. With this bill, lawmakers are hoping to promote several key elements of vehicle safety while also increasing the speed limit and improving the seat belt law.

“The entire time we were working on that senate bill, it was under the context that we would be dealing with 80 mph. When the governor vetoed that, we decided to put in that bill so we could still deal with those speeding fines in such a way that made sense with 80 mph,”  said Rep. Ben Koppelman, R-West Fargo."

Great Lakes Roads:
From the USDOT's Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program:

Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Freight Safety Project
Award: $55,000,000
McKenzie County, North Dakota
Applicant: North Dakota Department of Transportation

Project Description:
This project will widen approximately 13.3 miles of the US-85
Corridor in McKenzie County from a two-lane highway to a
four-lane highway while also widening shoulders and
straightening curves from Watford City to I-94.

Project Benefits:
The project is strong in Safety; Economic Impacts, Freight
Movement and Job Creation; and Innovation. The project is
expected to address safety by upgrading this 2-lane rural road
to a 4-lane road, which will improve access to emergency
services and medical transportation needs in a remote area. The
project will also facilitate the transport of goods in an important
agricultural region of the country. The corridor improvements
include innovative ITS devices, such as the Weigh in Motion
sensors, dynamic message signs, and environmental sensor
stations (ESS). Additionally, NDDOT has established agreements
with Tribal Consultation Committees and has applied digital
stakeholder engagement strategies in the planning for this

The Grant Marsh bridge on I-94 in Bismarck needs to be replaced, so they've combined a study of replacing it with redoing the 94/194 intersection and exit to Mandan.

One option mentioned was to build a tunnel under the Missouri instead of a bridge.  Doesn't really seem practical, it feels to me like one option they give just to have multiple options to choose from.

Westbound 94 from bridge will most likely be rebuilt next to the eastbound roadway so two left exits can be removed. They've also mentioned the option of local only lanes to let drivers stay separate from the through traffic.  For instance, when leaving Mandan, they could have a split in the roadway so if you want to get in Bismarck Expressway, you could get in a lane that takes you there without having to merge onto 94 and then exit off.


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