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Max Rockatansky:
California State Route 215 was a short-lived state highway which existed in the Los Angeles Metropolitain area after the 1964 State Highway Renumbering.  California State Route 215 was aligned from US Route 60 at 5th Street in Pomona north to US Route 66 near Claremont via Garey Avenue.  California State Route 215 came to be after California State Route 71 was bisected in Pomona due to relinquishment of a portion of Garey Avenue due to the opening of a portion of the Corona Freeway (now Chino Valley Freeway) during 1958.  California State Route 215 was deleted by the Legislature during 1965.

The Ghostbuster:
The CA 215 designation was created since portions of Interstate 215 south of the CA 60 freeway still had at-grade intersections along the old US 395 alignment. It took until 1994 to remove all at-grade intersections that prevented the roadway from also being signed as Interstate 215.

The 215 of 1964-1965 existed as part of the batch of new state route numbers that came about during the 1964 renumbering (others in that apparent sequence: 213 along Western Avenue south of I-405, 214 along former US 91 on Carson Street/Lincoln Boulevard between 19 and I-5, 212 along former US 60/70/99 in San Gabriel Valley)

Kinda funny to think of the 1983-1994 State Route 215 lasting only a short period of time compared to...oh...State Route 15 south of I-8 (now all freeway for the last 15 plus years), and state routes 210 and 905.

Occidental Tourist:
In ‘64, the current 215/former 395 alignment in Riverside County was still part of US 395. The decision to extend I-15 south of I-10 wasn’t made until sometime in the late 60’s and the proposed route was originally going to use part of the US 395 routing. Sometime in the 70’s, they decided to swing the routing west through Ontario and Norco down through the CA 71 routing.

So in ‘64, I-215 wasn’t a consideration. Long after the CA 215 in Pomona was decommissioned, parts of US-395 were designated as future I-15E and later as CA 215 until the 395 expressway was fully upgraded to limited access highway.

Max Rockatansky:
Worth noting that I-15E was designated as CA 194 to avoid the whole numbering duplication issue.


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