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With a lot of talk about the economic stimulus going to upgrading our nation's infrastructure, let's hear some thoughts about the roads, bridges, tunnels, etc that badly need this money.

One acronym: The HRBT.  :rolleyes:

I think the City of Atlanta needs this money, lots of it. The reason being is that many of their roads are poorly marked, poorly signed and riddled with potholes. Also, the Mitchell Street bridge, just east of Northside Drive (US 19/29/41/SR 3), is closed because it's in no condition to carry traffic any more; because of this, traffic had to be diverted onto M.L.K. Jr. Drive -- which was a one way street westbound, from the State Capitol to US 19/29/41/SR 3. A minor bridge (Adams Drive) in the southwest part of the City has been under construction for two years or more, with no real completion date in its near future.

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I am dealing first-hand with what New Jersey is doing to prepare for the stimulus dollars.  Design schedules of many projects in my office, of different types and sizes, are being compressed in order to get them out on the street in the time frame stipulated for the funding.  Some are bridge replacements, but many are also roadway reconstruction projects.

I-84/86/15 from Idaho Falls to Boise is in desparate need of a resurfacing. As Idaho's main east-west route it hauls a lot of freight and the roadway is in pretty bad shape east of Boise


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