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 on: Today at 06:03:50 AM 
Started by Alex - Last post by 74/171FAN
(Related to US 1)  PennDOT - District 6 News: Fox Street Bridge over U.S. 1 (Roosevelt Expressway) Closed at Night for Viaduct Rehabilitation in Philadelphia

PennDOT - District 6 News: I-76 (Schuylkill Expressway) to Close at Night Next Week for Construction Work in Philadelphia  (well this week by the time I post it)

 on: Today at 05:59:54 AM 
Started by Alex - Last post by 74/171FAN
(For PA 23)  PennDOT - District 8 News: Weekend Closure Rescheduled for Quarry Road at Route 23 in the Village of Leacock, Lancaster County

(For I-80, US 220, and PA 26)  PennDOT - District 2 News: PennDOT Issues Mid-May Update for Local Interchange Project

(For I-70 and US 30)  PennDOT - District 9 News: Traffic Pattern Changes for Concrete Pavement and Bridge Preservation Work on Interstate 70 and Route 30 in Bedford County

 on: Today at 05:51:30 AM 
Started by logan230 - Last post by 74/171FAN
I drove through the I-81 widening project between Exits 8 (CR 32) and 12  (WV 45) southbound last night, and I saw traffic having three lanes headed northbound, but I was still stuck with only two lanes headed southbound for now.
This may just be coincidence, but I have noticed since about 2009 that every time I drive by Exit 8 on 81 it seems like there’s construction there

There are three lanes in both directions here now.  I drove through it Thursday Morning.

 on: Today at 05:27:16 AM 
Started by KCRoadFan - Last post by Ted$8roadFan
In Massachusetts, many towns and cities have street names on roads leading to a neighbori g town (Watertown St, Needham st, etc.). Washington Street is another one.


 on: Today at 05:25:51 AM 
Started by Roadgeekteen - Last post by Ted$8roadFan
What a day. I never expected the Celtics to win by as much as they did or that the Suns would have an epic fail. Wow. On to the Conference Finals.   

 on: Today at 04:01:48 AM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Scott5114
Okay, I might sound like a complete idiot asking this, but what's a dishpan for? We have always had a two-compartment sink, and one is for the dirty dishes (and is filled with soapy water when you wash them) and the other is for rinsing. Is a dishpan just to facilitate this setup in a one-compartment sink? (I'm not sure that I've ever seen such a thing in active use in a modern home.)

 on: Today at 03:07:31 AM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by bulldog1979
Growing up, I got the chore of doing dishes just as we got a dishwasher for the house. Some things still had to be hand washed.

When I had my first studio apartment, the single sink was rather small. It was part off a unit very similar to this one. To find a dishpan that would have fit in that sink, I'd have to shop in the RV aisle of the appropriate store. Handwashing dishes wasn't the best experience with my limited space.

I moved later that year to a full size apartment, and I got a dishwasher at the new place. First thing that I did after dropping off the moving truck was to buy dishwasher detergent. Every dish I owned went through that machine before it was put away in the cupboards because I wasn't too sure they were all properly clean from hand washing. Of course, some things can't go through the machine, but it's much nicer to load up and press start. On modern machines, they use less water than hand washing the equivalent number of dishes.

 on: Today at 02:59:17 AM 
Started by jakeroot - Last post by bubblewhale
SR 704 is a weird stretch that was very short partially built; I think at this point it'd probably won't change and stay the same as it stands.

 on: Today at 02:45:20 AM 
Started by ozarkman417 - Last post by bubblewhale
At least in WA i5, the typical CMS sign just before NB Exit 250 would have Border Wait times for i5, 543, 539, 11. Recently I noticed that the CMS sign was changed to say something along the lines that ArriveCAN must be filled out before entering. I guess in the case with the rise of border traffic, they decided to put that on the CMS sign.

 on: Today at 02:39:03 AM 
Started by Roadgeekteen - Last post by cockroachking
Is it US48?
Yes it is, looking east into Moorefield.

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