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--- Quote from: Grzrd on May 01, 2011, 03:17:30 PM ---Here is a link to NCDOT's I-74 Feasibility Study for this area (click on the I-74 Feasibility Study Report pdf link toward the bottom of the page):
There are maps on pages 31/46 and 32/46  of the above pdf which shows how I-74 would fit into North Carolina's looooong-term transportation strategy.  The maps include an extension of I-20 from Florence, SC to Wilmington; I-74 and I-20 multiplex for a relatively short distance, and then I-74 branches off and I-20 continues into Wilmington.  Also, the maps assume I-74 will have a terminus in Myrtle Beach; I-74, after leaving I-20, goes down to the US 17 corridor and follows it to Myrtle Beach.
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(above quote from Interstate 73/74 thread)

Here is a snip of one of the above-referenced maps that shows the recommended extension of I-74 to Myrtle Beach:

North Carolina is waaaay ahead of South Carolina in regard to I-73 and I-74.  The "Interstate 73/74" thread primarily receives posts about North Carolina developments.  I decided to start this thread in order to have a separate place for South Carolina's early stage developments (it should be similar to the "I-73 in VA" thread in that developments will be relatively few and far between).

Above said, this Oct. 22 article caught my eye.  It primarily has no real news about I-73: a governor running for re-election tells Myrtle Beach constituents that she supports I-73 as long as the feds pay for it (dog bites man).  However, the article also mentions that the governor had to field a question about "a connector with Interstate 74 in North Carolina.":

--- Quote ---Bringing Interstate 73 to the Grand Strand would help increase business opportunities and jobs, Gov. Nikki Haley told constituents in Myrtle Beach on Monday ....
Connie Starner of Murrells Inlet said she told Haley that many people don't even want to vacation on the Grand Strand because they don't want to drive here on the smaller roads.
"We really need an interstate," she said.
Starner said Haley told her that while she supports the construction of I-73, funding the project is something that needs to be done by the U.S. Congress, something she also told those at the Realtors conference about the suggestion of constructing a connector with Interstate 74 in North Carolina.
Starner was one of about six constituents who scored one-on-one meetings with the governor Monday in Myrtle Beach. Those interested in sharing concerns with Haley had to schedule appointments Friday at 9 a.m. and the spots were filled within 10 minutes, according to callers who weren't able to get an appointment with Haley but showed up to the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce for a chance to share a word with the governor.
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I know an extension of I-74 comes up every so often in roadgeek circles, but I was surprised that the governor received a question about it.

Since both I-73 and I-74 were mentioned in the article, so begins a new thread (unless the mods want to merge it into the larger thread).

Or, maybe this post should somehow be merged into the recent Status on Interstate entering Myrtle Beach area, with that thread being moved to the "Southeast" page (although the intent of this thread is to cover both corridors throughout their entirety in South Carolina).

Is that a multiplexing with I-20/US 74 I see on that map?  Is SC down with that (I'm sure Wilmington would be)?


--- Quote from: DeaconG on October 23, 2013, 03:57:27 PM ---Is that a multiplexing with I-20/US 74 I see on that map?  Is SC down with that (I'm sure Wilmington would be)?
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--- Quote ---As part of Gov. Easley's 2003 proposal (see text and map link above), US 74-76 from Whiteville to Wilmington would be upgraded to an interstate, and be designated as part of an extension of I-20 from Florence, SC to the Wilmington Outer Loop (I-140) (As of now there is no proposal for I-20 to take over I-140's route to I-40, I-20 may continue, however along US 74-76 to downtown Wilmington as shown on a Strategic Highway Corridors map of the area). I-20 would total about 60 miles in NC and I-74 and I-20 would be routed together for 22 miles from just west of Whiteville to near Bolton. There does not appear to be much support for this plan in South Carolina, however. On March 22, 2004 Rep. Mike McIntyre held a series of "I-74/I-20 Rallies" in his district, which includes Wilmington, to help jump start lobbying efforts for building I-20. According to an article written covering the event, the I-20 proposal was losing steam due to SC's determined efforts to get funds for I-73, a road that would parallel much of the proposed I-20 routing. An SCDOT spokesman is quoted in the same article as confirming I-73 is the top priority and saying "(t)here are no plans or thoughts of the I-20 extension." (13) NCDOT at the SCDOT I-73 Summit in February 2005 gave in on having I-20 be part of the discussions about final routing for I-73 and I-74, allowing for an agreement on border routings to occur, see I-74 Segment 19 and I-73 Segment 13. (14) Though some officials are still optimistic. (17) The new SAFETEA-LU transportation act signed by President Bush in August 2005 contains $5 million for NC to study extending the I-20 route to Wilmington. SC did not request similar moneys, however. As it looks now, I-20 will not be routed east of Florence any time soon.
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Why don't they just truncate U.S. 74/76?

I don't know. this is NC we are talking about.

But, I am glad SCDOT is focusing on I-73 first as they should be doing. I-74 is not going to get extended through southeast NC anytime soon due to its proposed routing goes across awfully a lot of wetlands (as you see on the proposed routing map).

But Myrtle Beach doesn't need 2 interstates going there. I would keep I-73 and forget I-74. I also heard they are planning to have another road built going west of SC 22 and US 501 interchange as "SELL" which it will form a beltway around the Myrtle Beach area.


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