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Does the Kansas Policy to Route State Highways Around Towns Kill Growth?

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--- Quote from: JayhawkCO on June 16, 2022, 02:59:04 PM ---Bluntly, the towns that Kansas is routing highways around aren't growing for a million other reasons other than the highway itself.

--- End quote ---

Parsons wanted U.S. 400 and Fredonia needed some sort of bypass, in both cases because neither one could really handle truck traffic on its city streets any more. But in general, no, Cunningham isn't a booming metropolis and when Kingman eventually gets bypassed, it won't be a big deal.

This issue has more to do with the town's viability than the fact that the highway bypassed it. Garden City has done fine since US 50/400 and US 83 left the downtown area. In fact, it spurred growth around the bypass that would have been more difficult if those roads had stayed on their previous alignments.

The lack of a school has much more to do with a town's viability than a highway bypass.


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