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Roadway Construction And Warning Signs


Any safety engineers out there that would know if Federal MUTCD or State adopted MUTCD traffic control plans require construction companies to install signage such as one-way signs that are within the Roadway Signage Plan before new roadway is opened to public traffic? Seems like a silly question, but I have been told by state DOT that basically construction companies have a wide latitutde and dont have to install safety signage until they are good and ready. Case at hand, is a construction zone for a new Diverging Diamond Interchange where the construction company did not install "planned" one-way and right-turn only signage for approximately 90 days after the new roadway was opened to public traffic.   

I mean, technically it's both. MUTCD requires the signs, but it's the state agency contract and design standards that dictate what must be out. Any agency that would approve opening something without the proper signage is mistaken - they should be forcing the contractor's hand and withholding payment.


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