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I-5 Rose Quarter (Portland) Widening Project

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I wouldn't expect anything to happen on I-5 in Portland until there is a fundamental understanding of the locals that more freeway lanes, can help reduce surface street usage, and make bicyclists safer (in theory).  Most people I've talked to are happy with the bottle neck because they think it causes people to stop driving, when instead they use 99E to get around all of it.  Not to mention the major investment on those surface streets to bring the Portland Streetcar to them.

The will also need to be some major redesigning of the streets that travel over that section of I-5... I'd like to see them reconfigure Vancouver, Broadway, Wiedler, and Williams into a giant Roundabout.


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--- Quote from: nexus73 on February 18, 2015, 08:45:58 PM ---Wait until there is something that needs doing, money is in hand (only needs to be close, shit happens in any case, see the gov't track record on projects of all types), draw up the plan and BUILD THE PROJECT.

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I will defer to your experience with transportation funding mechanisms. We don't need to think ahead about what we should build.

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Nice way to deflect there buddy.  Why do you have so much faith in government "efficiency"?


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Ease up on the sniping here.


--- Quote from: TEG24601 on February 20, 2015, 01:50:02 PM ---I'd like to see them reconfigure Vancouver, Broadway, Wiedler, and Williams into a giant Roundabout.

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I think a giant roundabout there would be a good idea from a policy perspective.  However, from a political perspective I think it's probably DoA because there is a specific plan which has already been approved unanimously by both the Portland City Council and the Oregon Transportation Commission.  So I think any question of an alternative implementation may be too late.

I just found this:

The Ghostbuster:
How much does anyone want to bet that none of the freeway improvements will be constructed.


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