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Hoping to have most of the Phoenix-area projects (both planned and under construction) in this thread.

I'll start by mentioning the Northern Parkway. Now that overpasses are complete over Reems Rd and Litchfield Rd, it makes for a nice little highway from Loop 303 to Dysart Rd. We'll see how things go as the Northern Parkway is built further east.

Speaking of Loop 303, it's amazing how different it is now than a few years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the current construction zone (just south of US 60/Grand Ave to Happy Valley Parkway) is complete by this time next year. About the only thing that has yet to start is the new El Mirage Rd overpass and interchange.

The biggest question mark right now is if/when the South Mountain Freeway section of Loop 202 will finally get underway. An optimistic view (for those in support of the freeway) would be for construction to start by early 2016.

Another long term project is the proposed I-11 and how it may be used as a freeway bypass of Phoenix. If I-11 has to use existing highway corridors, I wouldn't be opposed to the future freeway replacing the current stretch of AZ 85 between I-8 and I-10.

Loop 101 (Pima) is still in the midst of its widening north of the Red Mountain Freeway. Just a few months ago ADOT began a study to potentially widen Loop 101 (Price) from US 60 to Loop 202 (Santan).

Loop 303 has a lot of work underway as mentioned in the previous post. Work is to begin this year on the south half of the Loop 303/I-10 interchange and work to extend Loop 303 south to Van Buren should begin in 2016.

Loop 202 (Red Mountain) is in the middle of its widening project. This project seems to be coming together very quickly. The median area for the HOV lanes is nearly completed from Power Road to Broadway Road. After decades of practice it seems like ADOT is getting pretty efficient at the median paving business. Still a lot of work to do between Loop 101 and Gilbert Road, though some new retaining walls and sound walls can be seen from the freeway so progress is evident.

I think the biggest project is obviously the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway. There is no doubt that this project will be constructed, and I believe ADOT will try to begin work as soon as the record of decision is released this spring. I am imagining the years worth of headaches drivers will have to endure during the construction of the Loop 202/I-10 (Papago) interchange. Building a T-interchange with HOV connections in one of the busiest sections of freeway in Arizona will be interesting.

Pink Jazz:
A project that has been going on for the past year is the installation of logo signs on the Phoenix area freeways; I have another thread that tracks their installation.  The current buildout phase is for Loop 202 (except between Loop 101 and Gilbert Road on the Red Mountain Freeway) and SR 51, however in the past month no new signs have been installed (except at Loop 101 and Glendale Ave with the additional 6 panel lodging sign, which also added several trailblazer signs), since several of the existing leases were coming up for renewal, thus some existing signs got some new logos added or removed. 

I expect new installations will resume at least next month, however last year there were no new signs installed from January to April, with new installations not resuming until May, so perhaps ADOT might wait like they did last year.  The next phase after Loop 202 and SR 51 is US 60 Superstition and Loop 202 Red Mountain between Loop 101 and Gilbert Road, which is supposed to begin sometime in the second half of 2015.  I would love to see Buca di Beppo of Mesa get a logo sign at the US 60 and Val Vista exit.

I was surprised to see that a brief stint of AZ 24 was constructed on Loop 202 last year. Though I wonder why they even built that brief section and didn't use that money on US 93, I-10 or Loop 303.


--- Quote from: 707 on March 12, 2015, 01:52:47 AM ---I was surprised to see that a brief stint of AZ 24 was constructed on Loop 202 last year. Though I wonder why they even built that brief section and didn't use that money on US 93, I-10 or Loop 303.

--- End quote ---

The City of Mesa issued bonds to expedite the construction of the first mile of SR 24.


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