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US 89:
Ah yes, two temples is always the mark of a true major Utah city...  :-D

Consider my mind blown. The airport is supposed to still be in the middle of absolute nowhere.

US 89:
It would appear that UDOT has in fact used Clearview font beyond the Legacy Parkway:

That hospital sign sure looks like Clearview to me. There are a few others just like it along 186 in the area; poking around on street view, it looks like they went up somewhere in the 2015-2017 time frame.

Also worth noting that "University Childrens" actually refers to two separate hospitals, the University of Utah and Primary Children's. Sign design could maybe be worked on some.


--- Quote from: US 89 on June 11, 2022, 04:36:34 PM ---That hospital sign sure looks like Clearview to me.

--- End quote ---

Me too.

Interestingly, one of the only Clearview signs to ever appear on a Washington State freeway was also a VA Hospital-related sign:


--- Quote from: Kniwt on April 19, 2022, 06:22:22 PM ---St. George News reports that UDOT has started a study on a possible new interchange at I-15 and 700 South in St. George (approx. MP 7).

--- End quote ---

UDOT held its first public meeting on this interchange, and the high volume of comments has led UDOT to schedule another public meeting this summer. St. George News reports:

--- Quote ---The St. George City Council was given an update on the status of the proposed 700 South interchange project Thursday from the Utah Department of Transportation. Due the number of public comments received on the project, UDOT officials announced an additional public input meeting would be held over the summer.

... Ryan Anderson, a project manager for UDOT, told the council that they had received nearly 250 comments from residents and others living and working in the projectís study area. The number is amongst the highest theyíve ever received for such a project, he said.

... According to the projectís original timeline, the environment assessment, which will include alternatives for the interchange and surrounding area, was anticipated to be released later this year. However, due to the volume of comments and the issues and alternatives that accompanied them, the process is being pushed back three to four months.

--- End quote ---

UDOT project website:

US 89:
Now that the state prison is finally moving to the new site west of the airport, the state is planning to redevelop much of the land the current prison occupies in Draper in a project called The Point, which looks like it's going to be a huge mixed-use development. Naturally, the site is filled with flowery planner language, but these images looked most interesting:

The big road network item here is a connection between existing Porter Rockwell Blvd at 14600 South and 600 West at Bangerter exit 1. I suspect this will wind up as a northward extension of SR 131, especially since all the signs for exit 1 on Bangerter currently have a big blank space where a state route shield would presumably fit. (A similar thing was done with SR 135 in Pleasant Grove - the signs went up before the route existed, so they had that blank space for several years before the shields went in.) I'd have to imagine 140 will get cut back to Porter Rockwell at the same time with a 131 extension, which would be an improvement over the random western terminus at 800 West that it has now.

As for SR 287, which serves the current prison...that's going to have to be deleted, but I wonder if the number will be moved to the road into the new prison site. There is precedent for this - the last time the prison moved back in the 1950s, SR 187 was the prison access road, and it was moved along with the prison from Sugar House to Draper.


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