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Heh...Porter Rockwell...

Not enough SPUIs!

US 89:

--- Quote from: jakeroot on July 15, 2022, 03:49:43 PM ---Not enough SPUIs!

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Don’t worry, there are two more just off the edges of that first image :-D

UDOT has installed dust-storm warning signals and signs ("VISIBILITY REDUCED WHEN FLASHING") on UT 7 between MPs 18 and 21 around the south shore of Sand Hollow Reservoir. They are, I believe, the first such signs in the area.

Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune has written a surprisingly deep dive (for mainstream media) into the AADTs for I-15 around the area.

--- Quote ---... And, admittedly, a selfish thought crosses my mind: Could I have avoided this traffic?

I finally decided to find out. There’s so much traffic data out there compiled by the Utah Department of Transportation that it can be overwhelming. But I wanted to analyze the place where I — and probably you — most frequently get caught in a traffic jam: on Interstate 15 in Salt Lake County.

... As you’d expect, different parts of I-15 have more traffic than others. The impact of various on-ramps and off-ramps, freeway interchanges, and population centers means traffic is more likely in certain spots.

But, of course, it also depends on which direction you’re traveling. Take a look at the graph below, which represents average daily northbound-traveling traffic during 2022. At the bottom of the graph is each mile marker of I-15 within Salt Lake County at which UDOT measures traffic, and then we’ve annotated some important interchanges along the way.

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