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Looking for Utah roadgeek types

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Ken Jennings:
Hey, my name is Ken...I'm an author working on a book for Scribner's about people with different kinds of geographical obsessions.  (I'm also the guy who was a contestant on the TV quiz show Jeopardy for about half of 2004, if that rings a bell.)

Right now I'm working on a chapter about various kind of roadgeekery.  I've been a fan of road atlases and highway minutiae ever since I was kid, but I don't feel really knowledgeable about this is as an organized hobby.  I haven't had any luck finding any road fans to talk to in my native Seattle, so I thought I'd give Utah a try, since I know I'll be spending some time in Salt Lake in March. 

Anybody from Utah in the house?

I'm only 5 hours from Salt Lake and pass through there often on my way back to Idaho, but that's not Salt Lake

Rover_0 may be based out of SLC, but he has not been on in about a month.

Yea, I'm actually in Logan right now (going to USU), but I'm originally from Kanab.  How can I help? :)

Ken Jennings:
Hey, thanks for the reply, rover_0.  I'm still trying to scare up some local roadgeeks in the Seattle area to show me the ropes...if I don't have any luck,  I'll shoot you a PM in advance of my Utah trip.


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