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--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on May 14, 2010, 01:04:29 AM ---
--- Quote from: Scott5114 on May 14, 2010, 12:59:40 AM ---
CC-NC. If you'd like attribution at all times, CC-BY-NC.

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okay, I am not a legal eagle, which of these options reflects CC-BY-NC?

   Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons
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I snipped out the wrong choices for you. :p

--- Quote ---those are Flickr's options.  (As for creating derivative works, I'd go by the same breakdown - go ahead and do it non-commercially, but if you want to use my image commercially, in whole or in part, then we talk.) 

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Creative Commons does not restrict you from making separate licensing arrangements. The CC licenses are merely provided as a way to grant users certain permissions without having to go through a lot of communication. As you say, you don't want your work used in certain ways but are permissive of others, so CC tries to simplify some of that. If someone wants to use your work in a way that's restricted by a CC license, he can contact you and you can negotiate a separate license.

--- Quote from: dougtone on May 14, 2010, 06:55:18 AM ---One thing I do need to change on my licensing is specific for any band or event photos that I may take.  I think that I may need a little more control over those photos, for the sake of the band or the event organizers.

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One thing that I've read on one of the Flickr groups I'm on is that external websites (through Flickr's API) can still pull images that are "all rights reserved" to display, even though photographers did not want their work to be displayed in that fashion. I've always considered the photos I've been taking lately to be more of a hobby, but I know if I ever turn pro, I'd most likely severely limit any of that work which gets posted online, and even then it would go on a website to promote the business, not on Flickr or any other third-party site.

Wikimedia Commons does a good job explaining copyright stuff on Flickr.


Basically, only flickr images with the symbols of a person in a circle or a backwards "C" with an arrow are allowed to be used on commercial sites like Wikipedia.


If you got symbols like these they can't be used anywhere for the most part:

Hope that helps explaining it. Visuals are always good.  :sombrero:

My analogy is if you're uploading stuff to the net, you're releasing all rights anyways because everyone can see it, so you may as well deselect "all rights reserved". That won't stop someone from copying your image or taking a screenshot of it.

Roadgeek Adam:

Here we go mine.


About 19,000 pictures at the moment, from many European countries.

What do y'all use for tagging highways in your pictures? I tend to use lowercase with no space or dash, e.g. i635, us26, ct2.

Perhaps that could be improved, and we could agree on a tag convention that helps us find all photos (at least from our sets) for a given highway.


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