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Photos from my weekend trip to Tennessee and Alabama with my brother as he was scouting out places to camp and fish.

Day 1

Photos start at the end of the Bluegrass Parkway and are of the Western Kentucky Parkway, Pennyrile Parkway, local roads between Hopkinsville, Ky., and the Paris, Tenn. area, US 79 and various connecting roads, and US 641 and various connecting roads until it got too dark to take pictures on the way to Pickwick Landing, Tenn.

Day 2

A convoluted route from Pickwick Landing to Scottsboro, Ala., with a lot of the trip being on county roads my brother used to check out various possible camping/fishing sites on a few lakes.

Day 3

Starting at Scottsboro, heading north to Kentucky. After he checked out a few campgrounds on Tim's Ford Lake, the route led to I-24 and I-65 through Nashville. I quit taking pics at E-town but took a few of new signage on the US 127 Lawrenceburg bypass.

This was my first time to be on I-65 since the three-lane widening was complete south of E-town, and it was only by a quirk of Google Maps that I was on the route. My brother was routing the trip with Google Maps. At our second stop at Tim's Ford, he entered his home in Owen County as his destination and Google routed him from that area via Cookeville, then TN 111, US 127 and KY 90 to the Burnside/Somerset area, then KY 461 to hit I-75 at Mt. Vernon. He decided on the fly to check out a third campground, and the software recalculated to use I-24 and go through the traffic mess that was Nashville in early afternoon.

On this trip, I used an iPhone app called GPS Tracks to keep a record of the routes we were on. One of its export options is an image of the route on a map. I generated those for each day and added them to the Flickr albums. The app will also produce KML and GPX files that will display the route on a zoomable map; you can't really get a lot of detail on the images the app generates and that are in the Flickr albums.


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