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Cannot update birthday on Profile

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I cannot get the birthday updated on my profile.
It says 0001-01-01 when updating by clicking save changes.
I tried other browsers, went out and in on my computer and turned off adblocker.
Is there a problem with AARoads fourm today @Alps @SSOWorld @Scot5114 @Alex?
If you can please @admin s to update it per request at my PM.
Thanks  :rolleyes:

Not changing for me, either ... also says N/A under "Age" on my profile page. 

Safari 14 with adblocker


Last I checked, we have no idea why it's not working. Most likely a bug that will have to be fixed upstream.

Also, putting @ in front of someone's name doesn't do anything on this forum (it doesn't send the user an alert or anything). That's a Twitter and Discord thing.

Age is nothing but a number is it so important that we have to display it?


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