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Why do some images have vertical scroll bars?

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Yeah, gotta love browser vendors who think they know better than the W3C standard...

I fear that Chromium is headed down the same road to becoming Internet Explorer 6 all over again. In those Bad Old Days you could follow the web standards to the letter and still have your page break for half of your users because they insisted on using a browser that didn't bother following standards (thus the need for things like Acid2).


--- Quote from: vdeane on June 20, 2022, 08:37:31 PM ---2. A lot of images on the forum are evidently posted by Time Lords, since they're bigger on the inside.

--- End quote ---

This isn't a problem for me. If someone posts a 40003000 photo, it will be 800600 until I click on it, which means it doesn't unnecessarily take up space until I click on it (or if it's tall but not wide, since the forum only checks overwidth photos). The one problem is that clicking for full size also opens a link if it is one (usually Flickr on this forum), with no way around it.

Just another data point: on both my phone and laptop, Chrome does not at vertical scrolling bars.

FWIW, on my PC (running Firefox on dual 21-inch monitors) the image vdeane linked has no scroll bars when viewed in the thread. On my iPad, it has a horizontal scroll bar but no vertical scroll bar.

my evil plan is working


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