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Arizona 3-dis. Will we ever see them?

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It seems that AZ is one of the few states without any 3-dis.  Last I drove the Loop 101, it seems to be Interstate standards, what's preventing an I-210, or I-217?  Does AZ not use 3-dis?  Seems like federal money, especially in these times, would help.

Technically, I-19 could be I-110, but I digress...

That's a good question...especially since the funding would be greatly increased if it were given an interstate designation.

Revive 755:
I think we will see a 3di in Arizona someday, but I'm guessing it will not be around Phoenix or Tuscon.  Maybe I-515 will be the first one with an extension into the state from Nevada.

Or perhaps the Arizona 85 corridor, once its upgrade to freeway standards is complete between Interstate 8 at Gila Bend and Interstate 10 near Buckeye.

Arizona does not have 3dis because they increased their sales tax by one cent a while ago, and that one cent goes only to roads. Therefore, AZ finds it is easier to just use their own money, and, by extension, not have to deal with the AASHTO or FHWA or the rest of the federal government.


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