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Worst control city on an interstate in your state

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Thought of this from the discussion from the "What state posts the worst control cities? The best?" control cities thread. Even in the states that consistently post really good control cities overall, there's most likely one or two that have a special place in hell. Which are those for your state?

In Ohio. "Thru Traffic" on the turnpike is by far the worst, as it's as helpful as not having a control city at all. But that's maintained by the OTA and not ODOT. For an ODOT interstate, the nomination goes to "Barberton" on I-76 WB. It's way too close and pretty much a suburb of Akron, and it's also not far from Lodi, the western terminus of I-76 and its junction with I-71. I would rather sign "Columbus" as most intercity traffic on I-76 WB west of Akron continue on I-71 SB, but Lodi works fine as a city on I-76 and a junction point. Both are much better options than Barberton, still.

Using Ohio  for the EB toll Road instead of South Bend and then Toledo is the worst abuse in Indiana.

Max Rockatansky:
“Other Desert Cities” in California because it isn’t “other Desert Cities” like it should be anymore.

In Georgia the worst posting of a control city is Florence SC instead of just Florence.

The worst selection of control city is Valdosta but that's just my opinion. (keeping in mind that Florence is selected by SC, GA merely posts it.) If your opinion is that a control city must be along the route (and Idk why roadgeeks would believe that, they should know better) then Valdosta makes sense. But my preference is to post more prominent cities, such as Albany GA and Jacksonville FL even though those cities are not along I-75.

And furthermore, I think all secondary control cities should be removed, nationwide. In Georgia this would mean, use only one control city at a time along I-285, don't use Columbus for I-85 from Atlanta, don't use Brunswick for I-95 from Savannah, and for I-20 at the Downtown Connector (I-75/85), EB should use Greenville for NB and Macon for SB, WB should use Chattanooga for NB and Montgomery for SB.

Oklahoma doesn't have any bad control cities. The only in-state ones are Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Lawton (which were the top three cities in the state in the 20th century), and then we use whatever the surrounding states want us to, which are all sensible choices (Wichita, Joplin, Fort Smith, Dallas, Amarillo).


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