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Has anyone pretended to be your friend on FB to tell you that won money?

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Max Rockatansky:

--- Quote from: US 89 on September 27, 2022, 05:57:39 PM ---I've gotten a handful of follow requests on Instagram from accounts like "I just won the lottery, if you are one of the first 1,000 people to follow me back, I will give you $100,000!!!" or something of the sort.

There are so many bots out there it's not even funny. For a while, I would get a follow request on Instagram once every few days from an account with an attractive girl profile picture and a bio that consisted only of an age (always in the 18-21 range) and a country flag emoji. It got old real fast. I still get a bunch of that type of thing but that particular pattern was especially annoying.

--- End quote ---

I do get way more scam accounts on Instagram trying to follow me or hit me up from scam BS. 


I can not stress enough the importance of understanding the amount of Scams and why they happen.

Two Examples I remembered:

The Sovereign Citizen Movement Challenge. This is where they, as individuals ( It is not called Sovereign Citizen Society. ) Run Amok and Commit Crimes ( Breaks Rules Often ) needlessly. This is why they do not want Government Identification. They preach this nonsense yet forget that Social Mediums often require Government Identification. Scammers tell peoples what they like to hear. It is not good to provide Sensitive Information. However, why do they make exceptions for Social Mediums ?!

There is also The One Chip Challenge Movement. I am Holistic, not unlike Manjula's Kitchen. Do not try to explain; It shall never make sense why peoples wished to spend on ONE Chip ... and ... To Deliberately Poison Them Selves. 

Every body wants to win a popularity contest. That is why there are many peoples being targeted by Scammers.



Some days, I live for InCorrect's posts.


--- Quote from: Rothman on September 28, 2022, 08:54:13 AM ---Some days, I live for InCorrect's posts.

--- End quote ---

Some day, I hope to understand them.

I'm pretty good at detecting spoofed or cloned accounts from people who are already friends. Although I do have friends who have had several profiles because they sign up for Facebook with their cellphone numbers, and have changed phone numbers several times. One of the minor things that bother me is when people say they've been hacked when they've really been spoofed or cloned. Changing your password won't fix anything. You're better off changing your profile picture so the spoofer is still using your old pic while you're using a new, updated one.

Most of those who are spoofed/cloned have a couple of things in common: Most of their posts are set to "Public," meaning anyone can view them; and their friends list is also viewable by everyone. Most of my posts are limited not only to friends, but to some subsets of friends (I use friend lists and also have a pretty robust "restricted" list, the members of which cannot see any of my posts although they remain friends). I've never been spoofed on Facebook, although someone did start up a fake Instagram account in my name not long after FB took over IG. (I don't do Instagram).

The fake messages I do get are usually about some sort of government grant program that I need to apply for because the messenger got a bunch of money through it. When they start that nonsense, they get reported and blocked.


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