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Best Rock/Classic Rock stations to listen to while on the road (FM/AM)

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Hey guys, so I am currently trying to make a map of the best rock/classic rock/alternative stations for interstates or popular roads. I have most of the East Coast done, because I have traveled most of it, but if anyone has any good stations for the west, or pacific coast, or any stations in general, please let me know. Thanks!

I am starting with doing I 95 because I have traveled almost all of it, but you guys can do some other interstates. Just put a textbox and put the station name and the call signal (example: KROQ,WFOX)
link to map:

KSHE in St Louis is still one of the best. 94.7
St Louis also has the Point, KPNT, for those into "Alternative." 105.7

I don't generally listen to regular radio as much since I have a SirusXM account. But I can give you some stations for I-75 in the northern part of the route.

Actually starting around the Mackinac Bridge and continuing quite a distance south you can pick up 98.5 WUPS which is more of a classic hits station than classic rock but it's a very powerful station with a 100,000 watt signal near Houghton Lake. You can listen to that station from the bridge to the Tri-Cities.

Saginaw/Bay City is 104.5 WILZ which is a classic rock station with it's signal based in Saginaw.

Flint is 103.9 "The Fox" WRSR which is another classic rock station. They are more local to the Flint area though and bill themselves as Flint's Classic Rock Authority.

Detroit is 94.7 WCSX also classic rock. Once you lose 103.9 you can pull this station in all the way to the other side of Detroit. If your bypassing Detroit on US-23 this station comes in pretty good along US-23 as well.

Toledo is 94.5 WXKR. Classic rock after you lose 94.7 in Detroit you just have to go backwards one station to get this station in. You can keep this station until you get to about Findlay.

After Findlay I-75 starts to run on a diagonal running NE and SW until Lima. In this area after you lose 94.5 in Toledo you can pick up 98.9 WBYR The Bear in Fort Wayne, Indiana for awhile.

Dayton you can run with 104.7 WTUE. You will pass their transmit tower on I-75 at Mile Marker 50 in the Dayton suburb of Moraine.

Cincinnati is 92.5 WOFX The Fox. This one will keep you from turning the station again until almost Lexington.

After you lose 92.5 go with 92.1 WBVX in Lexington.

Perhaps someone can finish off I-75 for me after this point.

Mine for traveling in southern New England used to be WAAF (107.3) in Worcester/Boston and WCCC (106.9) in Hartford. Both are dead now, I believe both subsumed by religious music.


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