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Exits with a different exit number in each direction

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Along I-70 in my hometown of Kansas City, MO, Exit 3B westbound is for Prospect Avenue. Eastbound, on the other hand, 3B is the exit number for Brooklyn Avenue - which is an eastbound-only exit - whereas the Prospect exit is instead called Exit 3C eastbound. (Interestingly enough, the Prospect Avenue exit was always Exit 3C in both directions until somewhat recently, when - for whatever reason - MoDOT decided to renumber the westbound Prospect exit as 3B.)

Anyway, here's my question: throughout the country, where might there be some other freeway exits where the exit number in one direction is different from the number given to the same exit going in the other direction? Also, why might that be so? (I'm not talking about those partial cloverleaf exits where it has A/B ramps in one direction but a single un-suffixed ramp in the other direction; rather, I'm referring to exits that access the same road both ways and happen to have totally different numbers and/or suffixes, like, say, if an exit were numbered as Exit 28 eastbound and Exit 29 westbound.)

Because the two ramps in one pair are too far from each other.

Not really sure how much it counts… as you’re approaching I-64 on northbound VA-168 in Chesapeake, the exit for I-64 West (east towards Virginia Beach) is Exit 15A, and heading southbound on I-464 (which is basically a northern continuation of the same freeway that VA-168 is), the same exit is Exit 1A.

It probably doesn’t count though, because heading southbound you’re on I-464, and northbound you’re on VA-168, so the exit number corresponds to the highway you’re on.

But if you consider them a “singular” freeway (VA-168 and I-464 is physically one continuous freeway), it would be different depending on the direction.

I-88 WB from I-294 SB: Exit 31B
I-88 WB from I-294 NB: Exit 29

I-69 EB from I-96 WB: Exit 91
I-69 EB from I-96 EB: Exit 89

In both of these cases, an interchange with a giant footprint is all it takes.

Dirt Roads:
South of Greensboro, where I-85 transitions to the Greensboro Urban Loop the exit ramps for the Southwest Leg (northbound I-73) is numbered as Exit 120B on northbound I-85 and Exit 121 on southbound I-85.  The exit for the northbound flyunder/flyover is located much further away from the interchange than the split going [westbound].


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