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Any license plate collectors here?

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--- Quote ---I also ask friends or people that I know if I can have their old tags when they are done with them, and have gone to a couple of plate shows now too.
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Not a bad idea, I should do that.  Of course, in Oregon, people never have to re-tag.  I still see plates out here from the late 60s!  I think Florida requires you re-plate every so often, is that correct?

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Yes, Florida issues you a new tag every five years. Alabama, Indiana, Nebraska, Mississippi have a tag replacement cycle as well, but those states do a general re-issue, whereas Florida, you get a new tag after five years, so when a new issue is out, you still retain your old issue until its 5 years old. Florida comes out with a new tag design every so often too. Last issue was out in 2004, the previous appeared in 1997.

South Carolina just came out with a new tag design and them, like many other states now, are using the silk-screening process for the letters and numbers.


--- Quote ---South Carolina just came out with a new tag design and them, like many other states now, are using the silk-screening process for the letters and numbers.
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I think Oregon is getting to going all flat-printed plates.  The plates I have on my car are the Crater Lake plates, which aren't embossed.   I'm really surprised that, being Oregon's 150th this year, a Sesquicentennial plate wasn't issued.  Lots of other states seemed to have done this (including my home of WI)

I collect plates as a casual hobby.  Being from Nevada, I have quite a few from there--mostly the silver "Bighorn Sheep" plate design which was standard circa 1983-2003.  I also have some from California, Florida, Washington, Maine (which I found on the side of the road while working for NDOT) and others.

Nevada does not have a periodic plate replacement requirement.  The Bighorn Sheep standard design was required by law to be replaced with the current "Sunset" design around 2003.  Nevada has a large number of specialized plates (some of which are no longer in production), as well as the high number of original standard blue pre-1983 design; these plates did not have to be replaced with the new design.

Also, Nevada has completely switched to non-embossed license plates.  The flat plates began as a trial run with the "United We Stand" plate design that started being offered around 2004-05.  All plates went flat either by the end of 2008.

I have one from every state--Hawaii included.  I drive lots.

I began collecting plates back before I was much into roads and traffic signals.  I've been collecting about 15 years and it began from traveling with my parents as a kid.  I liked seeing what each state's plates looked like and began a 50 state run in antique shops and garage sales.  Once the internet became an option searching became much easier and I began getting more serious than just one from every state.  I also have at least one from every Canadian province.  I have hundreds of plates of all different types from my home state of New Jersey alone.  Neighboring New York and Pennsylvania I have a decent collections of as well  (well, as much as i can get from NY).  I focus on test and sample plates and some states make it very difficult to obtain samples, NY being one of them. 

As far as replating goes...NJ law allows any plate issued from 1959 to current to be used today, provided the registration never lapsed.  The color scheme was black on straw and you still see some in use today.  Saldy, less and less all the time.  They then issued straw on blue in 1979 and they too can still be used today assuming the registration never lapsed.  In 1993 NJ issued the current reflectorized base.  Old numbers that were originally on straw or blue could be remade on the new base or kept on its original  (owner's choice unless it became illegible).  Anyway, sorry for rambling on.  Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


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