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--- Quote from: Snappyjack on July 03, 2009, 03:39:14 PM ---If you think I-80 through Nebraska is boring, give I-70 through Kansas a try. Ugh..

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This a thousand times. Nebraska gets a bad rap but is actually a comparatively interesting state

Recent article on a slate of highway improvements across Nebraska, including a stated goal to complete the expressway network: (article dated July 5, 2017)

--- Quote ---Nebraska transportation officials announced plans Wednesday to forge ahead with a nearly $53 million segment of the U.S. 30 expressway this year.

The 3.1-mile segment between Rogers and North Bend, in Dodge County, is the largest of 100 highway projects that are to be let to contract during the fiscal year that began July 1.

It also is the only project of the year to be undertaken with Build Nebraska Act funds.

The act earmarks a quarter-cent of sales tax dollars to roads projects, with priority given to finishing the state expressway system and upgrading Interstate 80.

Repair and rebuilding of existing state roads and highways account for most of the projects listed in the State Department of Transportation’s 2018 Surface Transportation Program book. ...

But Schneweis said the same law that created the bank should accelerate construction on a four-lane expressway on U.S. 275 between Scribner and West Point.

That project will be the first undertaken with a “design-build” process — in which a single entity provides design and construction services — allowed under the Transportation Innovation Act, passed by the Legislature last year.

Schneweis said officials hope the new process will make it possible to start construction on the U.S. 275 expressway by 2019.

They said they hope construction will progress more quickly once it’s started by using a “2+2 system” for building the expressway. The system involves adding two lanes to the existing highway, rather than building an entirely new four-lane road.

Along with the U.S. 30 expressway segment, this year’s major projects include upgrading a 12.1-mile stretch of I-80 from Bushnell to the Wyoming state line. The upgrade is expected to cost about $46.7 million.
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I found the Nebraska State Department of Transportation’s 2018 Surface Transportation Program book at A ton of planned and anticipated projects are listed in this document. Construction of the US 275 expressway (page 20), as well as portions of the Lincoln beltway (page 8), are included.


--- Quote from: Sykotyk on July 03, 2009, 12:43:10 PM ---If a truck is going from Wyoming to KC/STL/etc, I-80 to NE-2 to I-29 is the fastest way, even with all the traffic through Lincoln. So, any uptick would revolve around other means.

Now, a trucker won't take I-70 through western Colorado unless absolutely necessary, so the only issue would be: I-70 west to I-25 north to I-80 west, or I-70 west, to I-29 north to NE-2 west to I-80 west. Eliminate Lincoln, and that becomes the better way through.

Nebraska's stretch (and Iowa's) of I-80 are overloaded. Forget traffic counts, drive the road sometime. The problem isn't volume, it's the truck traffic. I-80 is a crucial shipping lane for points east and points west along the middle of the country. And from Joliet, IL west (aside from cities), it's two-lanes each way until just east of Sacramento.

Sure, the Nevada, Utah, Wyoming stretches are less congested, up until the I-80/I-76 split in Big Spring, Nebraska, the traffic chokes the road.


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Much agreed.  It is the truck traffic that chokes these roads (even I-55 between Joliet and the Illinois suburbs of Saint Louis for that matter).  The third lane that NDOR put in between Lincoln and Omaha makes a lot of difference.  One can actually get around slower (read: speed limited) truck traffic.  On the two-lane stretches, it can be a real bear until the trucks finally vacate the left lane.

80 only gets three lanes (or more) through Iowa City, Des Moines, Council Bluffs to Lincoln, and in Salt Lake west of here.  East, it's also two-lanes from Lake Station to Toledo, then from Youngstown to somewhere in New Jersey.

Stephane Dumas:
Time to revive this thread back from the dead.

I saw that video showing the construction of the South Lincoln Beltway filmed last May.

I don't think any of the Corridors 755 are busy enough for freeways. Nice to see them finish their system.
Illinois Missouri Iowa as well as PA and NY  came out with post interstate plans in that same era. Did any of their neighbors except Iowa?


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