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I'll start.....

Halifax YHZ......and thatís YH Zed not Zee!

......And about 37 km north of the city on NS102

The flag below indicates the "Pre-Clearance" departures area for flights to the US. Passengers go through US CBP (Customs and Immigration) in Halifax before boarding and just arrive as a domestic flight in the further formalities.

Note the bi-lingual signs on airport property but once back on the provincial highway.....English only.

This is an ancient thread but I think it is within the rules as long as it's on topic right?

I would like to showcase some truly abhorrent signs at Toronto Pearson Airport

They look fairly typical to me.


--- Quote from: 1 on October 05, 2022, 08:34:38 AM ---They look fairly typical to me.

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For the first one, the edges are rounded. Also, the "RR 7" pentagon is also rounded and stretched for some reason.

The second one, why is the Terminal sign not even centered when they could have made a centered sign and just moved the sign over? In addition, the RR 7 is again weird, this time with an outline.

The third is the lane ending sign, which for some reason is put behind a blue background (which means directional sign)... Also that arrow wants to make me shoot myself


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I get a kick out of the fact that, from an American perspective, the English word on the middle sign is more "foreign" than the French word.


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