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To me, it is a great omission to not link these two cities with a more direct Interstate corridor.  Are there any plans to upgrade US-6 between 1-70 at Green River and I-15 at Spanish Fork to an Interstate standards freeway?  I kind of like the idea of an Interstate 72 along this route.

I-80 to I-25 is already quite direct. A quick Google Maps check indicates that Salt Lake to Denver via I-80/I-25 is 532 miles and via US-6/I-70 is 526 miles

Not nearly enough to justify a new interstate construction, and something along the  US 40 corridor would be far too expensive to be worth it. Even the US 40 corridor is still 500 miles, so it's not like there's a huge problem there.

It would admittedly be nice to have something that's guaranteed to be open year round between Denver and Salt Lake, but there's just nowhere you can build for that to happen.

I agree with corco: I-25 to I-80 is fairly direct, at least as far as travel within the Mountain West goes.  Plus, building an interstate-quality road through Price Canyon and Spanish Fork Canyon would be a remarkably expensive project.  See my webpage on the topic, and let me know your thoughts:

Originally, I-70 was supposed to be routed over US-6 to I-15. This was the alignment adopted by Utah but the fed's in a last minute decision decided to give I-70 it's current routing. Utah was quite surprised with this decision.

The Federal Government determined that the Denver to Salt Lake corridor was already adequately served and decided that the only way to justify I-70 being extended was to make it part of the Denver to Las Vegas/Los Angeles corridor, hence the southerly turn


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