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There is a thread for every other Big Four sport (Hockey, baseball, [American] football), even [association] football has one, but there is no thread about basketball. So here is one. Basketball seems to be the only Big Four sport that is popular in both sides of the pond. Every season I watch a game of my hometown team, but that basketball is different from NBA one, which might dominate this thread.

Some days ago they postponed the game that was going to be played in Mexico City due to smoke. Since this was the Spurs @ Timberwolves, it will be played in Minneapolis at a later date.

Oh, and the Gasol brothers aren't American, they are Spanish, exactly from Barcelona metropolitan area.

Well let's see, I follow Basketball (NBA) as my second sport, with Football (NFL) being the first. That being said...

I think it's interesting to see how Chicago will go on this season without Derrick Rose. (again) Even though this injury wasn't as bad as the ACL injury 2-3 years ago, it still will affect him coming back and being the allstar point guard he was in his rookie year. I wonder how Chicago is going to let this play - still push for the playoffs, or concede and try and rebuild the team?

Now, as a Lakers fan, I'm ecstatic seeing Kobe Bryant coming back to play on Sunday. Granted, it will be a limited appearance, but seeing as he recovered from his Achilles injury on a pace that no-one expected, it will be interesting to see how he contributes to the team. Although, I'll be honest, I'm not sure of what the Lakers are going to be able to do in terms of making it to the playoffs this season. With Kobe back, unless he goes all-out to carry his team to the playoffs (unlikely considering he'll still be recovering from the injury), I can't see us winning him another ring. Sorry Kobe.

Also on my mind is Indy-effing-anna. 17-2. Nice to see a team that isn't the Heat atop the eastern conference.

Here's a question:

Why are the scores always so close? For example, one game might have the final score be 89 to 91.


--- Quote from: 1 on December 07, 2013, 07:31:23 PM ---Here's a question:

Why are the scores always so close? For example, one game might have the final score be 89 to 91.

--- End quote ---

Because you can score points much faster, especially if both teams are making a high percentage of their shots. That's why the last minute of a game seems to take forever. Remember, scoring in basketball is in 1s, 2s, and 3s, and not the 3s and 7s of football.

Basketball gets briefly exciting in early to mid March.


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