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Montana is just a butt of a joke in NCAA

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"Body bag" games are used to enhance revenue for the FCS teams and as schedule fillers for the FBS teams.  Every now and then the little guys beat the Big Guys.  Montana has defeated Oregon State before.  Portland State has won at Hawai'i.  Sacramento State beat Oregon State.  UC-Davis upended Stanford.

The biggest upset was Appalachian State beating Michigan when Appalachian State was FCS.  That was a ranked Michgan team which lost as a huge favorite.

Add in some close calls.  Sometimes you get a tough piece of meat to chew on!


Bolsters the schedule. NIU played Nebraska as a 50 point underdog two years ago, came out not only with a $750K check but a big upset win in Lincoln. This year they did the same but got clobbered. NIU also only was down 4 points to then #13 Utah at the half and lost 35-17.

We all who saw NIU go to the Orange Bowl a few years back knew immediately we were the reason why the NCAA redid the playoff/bowl setup. We came and upset the status quo  :bigass:


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--- Quote from: hbelkins on September 20, 2019, 08:53:06 PM ---The Tennessee Volunteers would beg to differ with you.
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 :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

The Volunteers have to be the worst football team in the SEC.  They lose to Georgia State week one, who turns around and loses to WESTERN MICHIGAN of the MAC 57-10 week three.   I do believe that the Vols are probably going to go 0-8 (9?) in the SEC this year.  I would hate to still be living in Knoxville this year.  I'll never forget the year (2010, or 11, HB would know) that the Vols ended their consecutive winning streak against Kentucky.  I thought Knoxville was going to riot that year.

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It was 2011 (I had to check, can't believe it's been that long) and what was remarkable about it was UK was playing a wide receiver as an option quarterback because both of its regular QBs were injured.

Of course, Tennessee had a subpar year last year, but they got well against UK in what was an absolutely dismal game for the Wildcats. I fully expect UT to win any time the Vols take the field agains tht eWildcats.

US 41:
Montana is not a G5 school, they are an FCS (1AA) school. FCS schools play P5 opponents for the money and nothing else. Unless your NDSU, most FCS schools have no expectation of winning these games, especially against ranked FBS opponents. Most P5 schools pay out around $500K to host an FCS school, while most G5 schools will pay out $300K to host an FCS school.

There is also a scholarship difference between FBS (1A) and FCS (1AA). FBS gets 85, while FCS gets 63. Some FCS conferences have a lower limit than 63, and one conference (Pioneer League) doesn't offer athletic scholarships. (The Pioneer gives out academic to get around Title IX.) There is also an average attendance requirement of 15000 for FBS, while there isn't one in FCS. FCS also plays a 24 team playoff and those teams are not eligible for bowl games.

Ranked FBS schools have only been upset 4 times by FCS schools:
App State over #5 Michigan
James Madison over #13 Virginia Tech
Eastern Washington over #25 Oregon State
North Dakota State over #13 Iowa

Just this season Northern Iowa took #21 Iowa State to 3OTs but couldn't pull off the upset.

However Montana isn't as good as they used to be. North Dakota State and South Dakota State might have a lot to do with that. It seems like they are both sucking up all of the talent. I'm an Indiana State fan and we compete in the MVFC with both NDSU and SDSU. It continues to amaze me that they both haven't been added to the MVC for all sports.

US 89:

--- Quote from: Rothman on September 21, 2019, 12:22:23 AM ---Don't forget the loss to BYU. :D

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That was especially frustrating because USC went on to beat Utah, who had easily defeated their southern neighbors earlier in the season for the 9th time in a row.  :poke:

This is what happens to the Pac-12 every single year. I don’t think it’s too far off the other P5, but I think the issue is all in conference makeup. Most other conferences are dominated by a few really good teams and a bunch of shitty teams fill up the rest. The majority of the Pac-12 schools aren’t bad, but they’re inconsistent and all play at about the same level. As a result, the conference self-destructs every year and almost never produces any teams worthy of playoff consideration.


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