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What bridge closure would cause the most chaos/disruption?

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Yeah, the GWB makes sense at the top of the list, but really, there are so many examples across the country that maybe we could break it down by each metro area...

For my area, it would be I-490 over the Genesee River. Also honorable mention for NY 104 over the Irondequoit Bay because there are so few alternates, and the routes south of the bay are already very busy.

I am sure many recall when Canada's road network was split in two by this bridge closure in 2016:

In Boston probably the Zakim Bridge.


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--- Quote from: jeffandnicole on May 14, 2021, 10:50:35 PM ---The I-95 Tydings Bridge in Maryland.  There isn't an easy way around that which could handle the traffic, including local roadways and other bridges.

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At least the 4 lane US 40 bridge is nearby.

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Yeah, but I'm not entirely sure it can handle the traffic that would normally take the Tydings Bridge for a long enough time.

I just thought of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. It would cause a traffic nightmare in Philly, although it would be a bit better now that I-95 has been completed.


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