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This month's Wonderful West Virginia magazine features a photo spread of covered bridges in the state.  Featured is the Mud River Covered Bridge in Milton, which has been relocated a second time.  It was originally located on the James and Kanawha Turnpike just north of the current location of Midland Trail (US-60).  I remember when it was restored in 1971.  It was relocated to a temporary site in 1991, and was permanently relocated to the Milton Pumpkin Park (home of the West Virginia Pumpkin Festival and now home to the Cabell County Fair).

West Virginia has two others:  The Staats Mill Covered Bridge in Jackson County was relocated to the (then) Cedar Lakes FFA/FHA State Camp (now Cedar Lake Conference Center) in 1983.  That is the long-term home of the West Virginia Arts and Crafts Fair.  The Sandyville Covered Bridge also in Jackson County was relocated to the Left Fork of the Sandy in 1924.  It had previously been abandoned after a new bridge was constructed for US-33 over John Carnihan's Fork (which has probably been renamed).

These were no small feats of relocation.  Staats Mill Covered Bridge is 97 feet long;  Mud River Covered Bridge is 108 feet long; and Sandyville Covered Bridge is 110 feet long.


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