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"Flipper" bridge in China

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--- Quote from: KEK Inc. on July 03, 2010, 08:25:15 PM ---Why can't they just switch sides in Hong Kong?  Anyways, that's probably not the most efficient way to swap lanes, but that's definitely the coolest, and that would be fun to drive on. 

--- End quote ---
Very expensive to do so, even for a small place like that - signs need turning around/redoing, lots of re-painting lines needed, modifications to interchanges (merges are now diverges and vice versa).

Also more people drive cars in Hong Kong than elsewhere in China, and most of the rest of that part of the world (Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand - basically anything that wasn't Chinese, American or French at some point!) drives on the left anyway. Hong Kong also likes it's distinctions, and will push to stay drive-on-left against mainland China.


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