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How far are you from the nearest park/reserve type?

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A little exercise. Use driving distance or as-crow-flies distance if you prefer.

Mine use as-crow-flies distance.

National park: North Cascades NP (55 mi)

National forest: Mount Baker-Snoqualmie NF (16 mi)

State park: Mount Pilchuck (15 mi)

County park: Wenburg (5 mi)

Because Jacksonville is consolidated with Duval County, city and county parks have been the same unit since 1968.

National park: SWEEET CAROLINEEE DUN DUN DUNN (actually, just known as Fort Caroline) (13.6 mi) (on the bluff of the St Johns) (they built different roads to the fort, one is Fort Caroline Road, the other is St Johns Bluff Road, which was connected with the Beltway once) (Monument Road does not refer to the fort nor its location, but to the Ribault monument near the fort)

National forest: Osceola (62.1 mi) (I-10 was built west from here to there)

State park: Yellow Bluff (15.6 mi) (on the north bank of the St. Johns River)

County park: Fort Family (0.7 mi) (literally across the street from where I live)

Max Rockatansky:
National Park:  Kings Canyon 50 miles. 
National Forest:  Sequoia 35 miles.
State Patk:  Allensworth State Historic Park 75 miles.
County:  Laton-Kingston Park 22 miles.

Looks like people are already using different definitions of "national park." There are national parks that are designated by Congress and then you have all the sites managed by the National Park Service.

National Park: Acadia National Park, 608km by road
National Forest: Green Mountain National Forest, VT, 135km by road
State Park:  Rainbow Fishway, 300 meters
County Park: unknown (no county governments in CT)
Local Park:  Northwest Park, about 600 meters as the crow flies, across the Rainbow Reservoir.  About 8km by road, however.

If you expand "National Park" to include other places on the NPS list, the New England National Scenic Trail is 5km away, and the Coltsville National Historic Park (not yet formally open) is 24km away.


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