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2023 Ohio Road Meet; 4 Columbus (April 15)

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Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Might as well start my own thread for my own meet.
I think I'm locked in for April 15th due to meets ahead of me (plus some of the locations I want to show I need to get to before the vegetation awakens for the year)
Points of interest for this 4th round of "Ann Arbor South" sites include...

* I-70/71 innerbelt reconstruction, ongoing & completed from the west split (I-70/71/Oh315) to the east split (70/71) up to Ft. Hayes (I-670/71)
* The rebuilt I-71/270/Stringtown Road interchanges
* Bridges & Ravines of Clintonville, particularly the Glen Echo Ravine & Beachwold (where the original Columbus Zoo once stood) neighborhoods
* Revisit I-270/US 23/Oh 315 interchanges

Other locations could be added.
FB page won't be created till the start of 2023
Lunch location won't be decided on till around St. Patricks Day.
I might add a couple of related events on Friday & Saturday night (more later)

I cannot wait to get a selfie at the shoe.   :-D

This is my birthday weekend, so attending a meet (and a small accompanying road trip) would be a nice gift to myself. I've also never attended a Columbus meet, so that also makes this rather attractive to me. I am absolutely interested.

There's still a chance I might go, but only if poo.

I may be in Columbus the weekend before for a BIG Hot Wheels convention so we shall see


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