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Do you wear shoes in your house?

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On TV, it seems most people walk around the house with their outdoor shoes on.* I've also heard online this is common in the US. Is this true? Does it depend on region?

This is pretty rare in Ontario in my experience, regardless of the weather outside. Even if I visit a friends house, guests take off their shoes and walk around in socks (or sometimes slippers if they're provided). At my house, I walk around either in socks or my Birkenstock sandals.

* Last night I watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry refuses to take off his shoes at someone's house even though they insist he should. Why can't he just take them off? :-D

We have mostly hardwood floors, so less noticeable tracking if you wear outside shoes.  I almost always wear either my Olukai sandals (which I also wear outside) or Birkenstock slippers in the house for foot support.

No for me. In East Asian culture, you’re supposed to wear indoor slippers after taking your shoes off, but I just walk in the house barefoot or only with socks on.

I voted "Other" because it varies. During the summer, I tend to go barefoot indoors; during the winter, it's too cold for that and I wear either driving moccasins or a pair of Samuel Hubbard "Hubbard@Home" shoes that are more in the nature of slippers, though they're not quite slippers. The Hubbards are nice and warm and are also supportive.

When I was growing up I often wore just socks, but my socks wore out too quickly when I did that.

We just adopted a cat this past weekend, so I don't know whether next summer I might be less likely to go barefoot.

I'm not sure how to answer the poll.  We commonly do not wear shoes inside, but that's for comfort.  We don't have any process about taking shoes off as we come in, unless they are particularly muddy, snowy or wet.  So the poll answer would be No, socks only. (Or often barefoot.) But from the text of the OP's question, that's not what was really being asked, so I chose Other instead.

Aside: Last year working from home I made a comment, "I haven't worn shoes in the office for X months."  That's many X more months now.


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