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North Spokane Corridor - US 395 in Spokane, WA

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Hang in there ctroadgeek.  I support the designation of US 2/395, Spokane N/S Freeway as "I-390" and the designation of the almost completed US-395 freeway from Ritzville to Pasco, WA as "I-490."  WA-18 should also be designated as "I-690" because of its importance connecting Tacoma and South King County, WA to I-90 and Snoqualmie Pass.  I also like the idea of a future freeway loop around the north end of Spokane that I would designate as "I-290." 

Getting There: Corridor bridge girders installed

--- Quote ---Construction of the North Spokane Corridor took a big jump forward in recent days with the installation of bridge girders at the future Wandermere interchange at U.S. Highway 395.

The work comes as the project timeline nears the one-year mark until completion of the northern leg of the north-south freeway route.

The state Department of Transportation hopes to open the segment between Wandermere and Farwell roads by the end of 2011.

“Bridge girders are going up as we are speaking,”  Al Gilson, spokesman for DOT in Spokane, said last week.

The girders rest on piers that were drilled 160 feet into the ground.

Traffic through the construction zone has been limited to one lane in each direction on U.S. 395 for the past few months.

Opening of the Wandermere freeway segment will hinge on winter weather and how much crews can accomplish when temperatures drop below freezing.

A cold, snowy winter could delay the opening until early 2012 if concrete work shuts down, Gilson said.

While workers were erecting the interchange bridge at Wandermere last week, another crew was paving the southbound lanes with concrete in the vicinity of Northwood Middle School.

To the south, more workers were busy on the spaghetti-like interchange at U.S. Highway 2 where the former highway lanes have been lowered so that the freeway and interchange ramps can run overhead.

To the south of that, yet another crew was moving hills of dirt and rock to clear the way for completion of southbound freeway lanes between Farwell and Freya Street in Hillyard.

That portion of the project should be completed in early 2012.

October 11, 2010

“When they are completed in a year or so, we will have fully half of the North Spokane Corridor open,”  Gilson said.

The 5.5-mile northern segment will link U.S. 2 and 395 with the Hillyard area at Freya Street just north of Francis Avenue.

Funding is being sought for the southern portion from Freya to Interstate 90.

So far, more than $550 million has been allocated to the 10-mile corridor, including a $35 million federal economic stimulus grant announced earlier this year for paving southbound lanes from Farwell to Freya.

In 2009, the state opened two-way traffic on what will become the northbound lanes of that same segment. The route has been seeing increasing use in recent months, DOT officials said.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: corco on May 24, 2009, 11:47:33 PM ---Especially annoying since US 395 doesn't start anywhere near the Los Angeles area anymore, and also spends a fair amount of time in Nevada

--- End quote ---

Not to mention that it sneaks into Nevada and re-enters California after leaving Reno! (Then again, I-24 does the same thing near Chattanooga, going from Tennessee to Georgia, then back into Tennessee.)

Still, this would be a great route for commuters coming in from the north. Perhaps we could see the existing US 395 through downtown become Business US 395?

Pretty much the entire old alignment of US-395 is also US-2, so it will probably stay that way. Or they'll just put 2 on the NSC as well.

Washington doesn't really like business routes, and it's not like WSDOT is in great financial shape. They'll almost certainly try to relinquish 395 back to the Spokane. I have no idea what that would do to SR 291- maybe they extend that to the NSC to help recoup for forcing 395 to the city, or they could decommission the thing entirely. It serves a state park, which is neat, but not a legal requirement for the system to do, and is otherwise a non-logical link in an otherwise very logical system.

Giving this thread a bump.  I recently took I-90 through Spokane, on the maps it appears the northern leg of the North Spokane Corridor is complete but there doesn't seem to be any indication of construction for the southern leg or I-90 interchange.  Does anyone know the status or timeline?


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