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Texas never had a ton of cloverleafs or loop ramps. In 1991 when TxDot was created a directive was given out to remove cloverleafs and loop ramps, and to not build them in the future. I am not sure if this is codified anywhere, it's just sort of general knowledge. I've asked them before for some policy document or what have you, but their Public Information Office is generally worthless (sorry).

Anyway, here is a partial list of cloverleafs or partial cloverleafs in Texas that are going away or already are gone:

US 75 at IH 635, Dallas -loop ramps removed for stack
US 75 at Loop 12, Dallas - Loop Ramps removed
SH 183/SH114 at Loop 12, Irving - u/c to change in the stack
IH 410 at San Pedro, San Antonio - changed to diamond
IH 10 at Loop 1604 W, San Antonio - cloverleaf going away for stack (slowly)
IH 10 at IH 410, San Antonio - cloverleaf going away for stack
IH 410 at US 90, San Antonio - cloverleaf going away for stack
IH 37 at Loop 13, San Antonio - u/c to change into diamond
IH 35 at 51st St, Austin - Loop Ramp removed
IH 35 at SH 6, Waco - u/c into stack interchange
IH 30 at SH 34, Greenville - cloverleaf going away
IH 45All of the loop ramps between Houston and Galveston - going away or already gone
IH 30 at US 71, Texarkana - cloverleaf going away
US 59 at Loop 287, Lufkin - loop ramp going away
IH 10 at Loop 375, El Paso - cloverleaf going away

I believe US 75 at Loop 12 is still a partial cloverleaf.

yeah, it is - so I said "loop ramps" instead of "cloverleaf" !

J N Winkler:
Things get done without necessarily being explicitly supported by a codified policy, so I have no trouble believing TxDOT is getting rid of loop ramps--it would just be nice to have a document that spells it out in black and white.

The impression I receive is that TxDOT operates on the basis that any freeway-to-freeway interchange is a platform for future construction of a four-level stack on the Maltese cross plan.  As a result, Texas has very few examples of interchange types which are common in other states, such as turbans (just one--defective--example in Amarillo at the I-40/I-27 interchange) or directional interchanges (a few in Houston, including one on I-610 where the ramps and mainlines are perversely laid out similarly to a Maltese cross stack).  Everything is vastly outnumbered by stacks, of which Texas has almost as many as the rest of the US combined.  Also, a very standard way of working for TxDOT is to build upgrades to existing interchanges which provide direct connectors for traffic which is being served by loop ramps or frontage road intersections.  These projects go forward whether the interchange as a whole is being converted to a stack or not, and invariably the resulting direct connector is laid out so as to leave room for the other DCs which would be required for a complete stack.  I-35/Loop 20 in Laredo is a case in point, as is I-35/SH 45 (toll) north of Austin.

I have no idea what a turban interchange is, is it related to a Catherine Wheel?
I'm not sure why there is such a pro-stack policy here, but it probably has to do with outdoing something another state did in the 50s.


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