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It is estimated that heavy trucks cause enough deterioration to highways in TX, that $1 billion/year more is needed to keep up.


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I also noticed this story on the KXAS-TV website, after reading the above article. :)

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Thereby making I-35E a flipping mess for the next decade. This should've been done 15 years ago.

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I was in Dallas at rush hour recently and this segment of highway was really backed up. It looks way past its sell-by date, so I'm glad that it's being addressed.


TxDOT is working on patching up holes that have formed on the I-20 bridge over Houston School Road in southern Dallas.  Chunks of concrete started falling from the bridge onto Houston School Road recently, but TxDOT doesn't seem overly concerned...even though I-20 WB traffic was diverted to the service road during the repairs.

Big John:
^^ The article has an alarming nonchalant view from TxDOT.  That is a hazard and the bridge needs a new deck if concrete chunks are falling below and safety netting underneath until the deck is rebuilt.  The superstructure may still be safe though as TxDOT asserts.


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I used to work at TxDot. They probably seem nonchalant because this happens way more frequently than most people realize.
Heck, before it was replaced in the mid-2000's, the I-35 bridges over US 380 (built 1959) required almost weekly repairs of deck holes. On one occasion, concrete broke out he windshields of vehicles driving below it. The bridges were allowed to remain in this condition for years despite the danger.

Once a very large hole opened up on the deck of the US 377 Denton Creek bridge (Roanoke area). The cops had to guard it till we could get there.


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