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A Big Dig Coming to Philadelphia?

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The section of Interstate 95 near Penn's Landing is nearing the end of its functional life and will require reconstruction.  However, some would rather eliminate the expressway entirely.

Well, if you re-route I-95 onto the NJ turnpike like it should be, how much traffic would that divert?

Oh, this is lovely. We're finally gearing up to make I-95 whole, and some people want to rip a piece of it out, ruining that.

The highway's already in a trench. Wouldn't it make much more sense to just cover more of it over? You can bury it entirely from South Street to Chestnut Street. Maybe even up to Market Street (though the SB entrance ramp would need to be dealt with).

Just a few years ago they completely redid the section actually at/under Penn's Landing.  This isn't going to happen - and the FHWA certainly would not let Philly get rid of I-95.

Just make it another big dig, just don't repeat the same mistakes that Boston had to suffer.


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