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I've heard there are several still around.  Since I leave in about 36 hours for the Indy meet, where can I find some of them?  (Are they all pre-1991 or whenever the change happened, or are some newly erected by the city?)


your job to figure out the exact location.  it's like a game of "name that infrastructure element"!

There's a wealth of them on SB Livernois Ave. between M-102 and M-10.

Dan, are the ones you refer to cutouts?

there are these two as well ...

a construction error.  wooden shield!

also an error, but looks to be intended to be permanent:

I have no idea where they are, but I remember going eastbound when taking the photos.

There are two US-10 shields around that I have seen. One's at 8 Mile Eastbound approaching Livernois, and the other's on Westbound Davison at Wyoming Avenue.


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