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I-5 Rose Quarter (Portland) Widening Project

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In late 2012, first the Portland City Council approved this plan unanimously and then the Oregon Transportation Commission approved the plan unanimously.  At the time, there was no funding available because the extremely expensive CRC hadn't yet been defeated.  With the CRC dead, there should be funding available.  Has there been any progress in moving the I-5 Rose Quarter project toward implementation?  Does anyone know the status?

I see you found your way over here from Skyscraper City, welcome!

There are a number of users from the Pacific Northwest here so I hope you can get a suitable answer to your question.

Welcome! I haven't heard anything about this recently, though I do remember seeing plans on how the reconfigured street (and streetcar) layouts would be. I'll dig through ODOT's pages to see if I can find it (and maybe an update on the project itself).

The short answer is: sorta.

Longer answer: ODOT is proposing to use federal funds for preliminary engineering in 2016 to "Develop a project for future construction funding," key number 19071. The proposed project was approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission in December 2014 but has not been approved by FHWA yet. I expect it will be. However, the $1.5M design budget won't get through final design and it certainly doesn't include construction.

Design option pdf, looks like back from 2007:


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