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New SR 520 Floating Bridge

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WSDOT has finally announced the details of their grand opening of the replacement for the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (which carries WA-520 across Lake Washington from Seattle towards Bellevue). The new bridge is the world's longest floating bridge (surpassing the original span by a few feet) and will open in 4 stages in April:

* Saturday, April 2: Community fun run/walk organized by Virginia Mason
* Sunday, April 3: Bike ride organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club
* Monday, April 11: Westbound traffic shifts to the new bridge
* Monday, April 25: Eastbound traffic shifts to the new bridge
Read more in WSDOT's press release, the celebration website and The Seattle Times.

Here's a picture of the old and new bridges I took from Evergreen Point (the eastern end, looking west) in November:

Holy Christmas, that bridge looks like it got hit with an ugly stick!


--- Quote from: 707 on January 14, 2016, 02:05:05 AM ---Holy Christmas, that bridge looks like it got hit with an ugly stick!

--- End quote ---

It's not quite finished yet. There's still plenty of aesthetic work to complete.

Wow, I didn't realize it was that close to opening.

Will there be another chance to walk across the old span after it closes to cars before it gets demolished?

Here's the final design. Note the tall lit structures, called "sentinels", which will be "armed with lasers to fend off marauding invaders", as well as "amuse our feline overlords" (1):

Jokes aside, I think they're just tall things that can look cool at night...


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