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More roadwork along I-10 in Houston


Interstate 10 will be reduced to one lane at I-45 in downtown for the next three months! It's only been about five days since the initial closure, but from what I can tell, they are replacing perfectly good old concrete, with new scored concrete. The reason or motive behind this project, I have no idea. To me, the old pavement was perfectly functional.

According to the article, Federal stimulus dollars are paying for the project.

So, as I understand from this article, it is about the section between I-45 and US 59? That's the least traveled part of I-10 through Houston, but still a mess when there's only one lane.

Some impressions of that section in from Street View:

1. Just after the I-45 interchange.

2. At the White Oak Bayou bridge.

3. Approaching the US 59 interchange.


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