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The proposed I-730 in Arkansas

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Revive 755:
Came across an old article via the google archive that indicates I-730 was being considered for the US 67 corridor in Arkansas instead of just a spur off US 67 to Jonesboro:

Andy discovered a similar article back in 2003 and added a section for I-730 on the Interstate 30 guide.

Seems rather long for a 3di to me.  I-42 or I-53 might be a better number than I-730, IMHO.  If I-53 is used instead, that could replace I-530 (another very long 3di) to Pine Bluff as well.

Is there no longer any discussion about upgrading US-67 all the way from Little Rock to St Louis at interstate-grade?  There was discussion in the past about this section being an extension of I-30, although the numbering feathers would fly if that were suggested.  :)

Revive 755:
I'm not sure whether the upgrades are permanently shelved or just delayed for many years until funding becomes available in Missouri.  See

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