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Figured we should have a separate thread for the ferry system.

This week: tons of cancellations and multi-hour waits due to a crew shortage brought on by vaccine requirements. Turns out most of them want to live with COVID forever.

The Seattle Times reports that 140 sailings were cancelled on Friday and 228 people out of 600 were unable to work.

I was listening to news radio this afternoon, and the traffic announcer was losing their mind over the delays. It took me a few cycles of listening to the reports to realize the gravity of the situation. I think they eventually went on to claim it as WSF's worst day ever.

I'm a bit surprised that some sort of plan wasn't in place to bring on additional workers to supplant those who want to remain unvaccinated.

Edit: I'm reading that the workers called out sick. Bit harder to prepare for that, I guess.

Max Rockatansky:
I’m really just replying here so this thread shows up in my replied threads.  I really dig the Bremerton-Seattle Ferry whenever I have to work in Kitsap.

Yea, Mukilteo-Clinton is down to one boat... the only profitable route in the entire system.

Please do not turn this into a COVID thread. Please keep this on topic to work shortages only (or other ferry info as the thread evolves). Thank you.


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