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Gov Inslee has ordered new temporary names for the fleet for the remainder of the MLB postseason:

The rest of the Colman Dock passenger waiting area opened today:

The permanent bridge across Alaskan Way on Marion Street is scheduled to open in September.

Fares set to increase 4.25% this October and next October to make up for budget shortfalls.

I'm in the foothills.  So I don't get on the ferries very often, but I'll take a ferry when headed to the Olympics any day over driving around and dealing with I-5 traffic.  Yup it might seem like the ride is expensive until you figure the cost of gas to drive around.  And of course the ferry system goes to lots of places with no other way of getting there.  It's really a pretty unique thing we have in our backyard, and there is a lot of history both in the ferry system and some of the older ferries.  Anyhow that's all I have for now.

In actual ferry news, the head of WSF is stepping down next month:

And a nice article about the system's woes:


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