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IDOT requires these embossed name plates to be installed with every new bridge. Do other states require name plates like these to publicly display the age of the bridge? Does anyone else know more about the intended purpose of these?

IMG_1120 by Paul Drives, on Flickr

IMG_1367 by Paul Drives, on Flickr

IMG_1402 by Paul Drives, on Flickr

Big John:
Wisconsin uses those.  Supposed to give the bridge ID and the year built, but many erroneously gives a rehab year if it was repaired.

Road Hog:
Arkansas bridges usually have a small plaque at the bridgehead on the right side. I've noticed Louisiana stamps the year in the concrete rail at the bridgehead. Texas, sadly, does not date its bridges as a regular practice.

Dirt Roads:
AABattery posted this one from Virginia not that long ago.


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