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30 lane highways in Egypt

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--- Quote from: Road Hog on May 29, 2023, 11:18:53 PM ---Obviously it's a pyramid scheme.

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I just can't see that going well if there were more than like twelve cars at a time. Those merges....

Does one just ... sail out there and say 'well, good luck everyone!'?

J N Winkler:
The treatments (or lack thereof) at the ramp terminals are one of the key reasons I ask about design manuals and contract documentation.  If these highways are actually to be useful (even in the minimal sense of supporting the continuing prestige of the military dictatorship), they will need to be narrowed in order to resolve the blatant lane balance and continuity issues.

It also looks like there is no roadside development (adjacent property seems to begin at the back of the shoulder), and I'd bet the hydrology and hydraulic design would struggle with even a brief desert shower.

I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around what I'm seeing. It is on the verge of being almost unbelievable.

A lot of this Egyptian infrastructure reminds me of something that was built back when cars were first becoming popular, and they didn't know how intersection control was supposed to work. I think this is best exemplified in the US with the original intersection just west of Dallas's Triple Underpass, where three roads merged into a single road using only very minimal traffic control. It may have worked "per se" but long-term it was far too hectic. Much the same as this Egyptian infrastructure will ultimately be. It is going to be curtailed.

The intersection in Dallas I am referring can see it in this YouTube video about a minute in:

A 5-lane cloverleaf loop ramp:

A 28 lane collector/express system

Also, they built giant gates like this on major access roads to the new city.

Then, there is the 'Octagon'.


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