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Garden State Parkway Egg Harbor Bridge

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Any news on when this bridge is going to be replaced? i remember reading somewhere they are planning on tearing down the older of the two spans and replacing it with a new wider bridge.

Not anytime soon, the current widening program basically ends at this bridge. Any new bridge should have provisions for bicycle/ped use, as the parallel Beesleys Point Bridge is very likely to fall into the bay sometime soon. The nearest crossings for non-motor vehicle traffic is the NJ-50 bridge several miles inland or the NJ-52 bridge into Ocean City.

NJroadfan, the beesleys point bridge has had three feet fall into the bay already.

Didn't catch that news story. It was bound to happen eventually. They even note that bikers still use the bridge due to the lengthy detour to use the alternate crossings.

NjRoadFan, another article states the drawspan is in the up position permamentaly due to issues with the machinery. Also the cost of keeping people there to close and open it is too much for the county.


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